+ Wild Child

I have had this skirt for 6 months now and have desperately wanted to fix it….it was just a little to wide and baggy for me. When I saw this at a goodwill in Seattle, I instantly fell in love with the color, the linen fabric, the waist’s pleating, pockets, and the two white buttons on the left side. When I took it in….I did the same thing as this taking in a skirt tutorial. 
Little does Beck know…that the whole hour and a half that he is taking his nap, I’m doing ALL this. I’m SO thankful for his once a day nap. Can’t get anything done when he is ready to rock and roll. Such a WILD CHILD.


  1. This is such a great color…love it, sooooo spring like too with the purple peep shoes…ahh, very nice.

  2. Looks great! Love your shoes too! Wish my daughter wasn’t protesting her naps. I don’t get anything done with her.

  3. your sewing skills amaze me.

  4. i’ve really enjoyed all your tutorials. i’m not much of a sewer but i appreciate those who can master it!

  5. pretty color Liz! You found a great piece! You did a great job redoing it too. I love the top you paired it with, wear this church you will be such a stylin’ mom!

  6. Liz! You seriously are the CUTEST! I hope you are doing great!

  7. L.O.V.E. that color!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. adorable! love that colour!

  9. So so pretty. I love the color, perfect for spring and summer!!

  10. oh I looove that skirt! I’ve actually been looking one in that exact color but no luck :( It looks beautiful on you!

  11. that color is fantastic! what a great thrift find!

  12. WOW that color is fabulous! love it!!!
    can i just say….”TALENTED”

  13. I love love LOVE this skirt!! And I love the shirt with it! Can I ask you where you found that amazing shirt?

  14. Well well well… I’ve done similar thing to maaaany skirts in my life :)