Introducing the question box!
There are a ton people that comment and email me about questions they have regarding sewing or tips, refashioning, hair, photography, outfits, confusion about previous tutorials, or what have you and I’ve decided to start a little question box. 
How to do it:
Just click on the box when you have a question (for example…how do you make this one skirt – link), it will take you to the question box page, leave the question as a comment, and I will answer it within a day (unless I make a tutorial then I will need a little more time than that)! Then you click back to the question box the next day and get your answer!!! EASY!

I’m doing this because:
1. at least one person in every post asks me a question about something 
2. It helps me figure out what you guys want to learn, therefore tutorials are made!
3. I feel like I’ve neglected a lot of questions in the past posts that I haven’t responded to and I feel terrible about that. I really am a nice person, I just forget to answer questions. Honest!
And there are many more reasons, but these are the ones that stand out the most.
So, if you ever have a thought or question about ANYTHING, leave it as a comment in the question box! THANKS! I’m quite excited about this!
And now some cute or goofy pictures for your weekend :)


  1. CUTE PICS! I love that Danny is growing his hair long again. Mike will be very happy he’s going against the system once again. haha.

  2. i have a question box question,but there is no where to post it!

  3. Me too! But my question is just, have you thought about setting up a formspring? It’s the same thing, bloggers have a formspring and you can ask them questions or leave comments anonymously. It’s pretty cool. I like this idea too!

  4. just found you blog…and I’m a fan! :) Love your style!! Classy, hip, modest, chic…keep the outfits and tutorials coming :)

    And how bout this…what is your favorite breakfast? lunch? dinner? dessert? Mine are german pancakes, chicken pesto paninis, sushi, and anything with icecream :)

  5. It is working now! I forgot to enable the comments. hello…

  6. I have a question for you lady!!

    Where’s my tutorial??? LOL!!

    Don’t worry, I’ve been totally slacking, I still have the weekend’s hangover.

    ok, Maybe I’m should not have a blog, I’m a terrible blogger! :(

  7. Beck is so deliciously cute. And Danny looks like the spawn. Ha. jk.

  8. The question box is such a good idea! And I like this tutorial for cinching up sleeves, I think it’ll help lots, thanks! :) I just refashioned a dress after a kate spade one here if you feel so inclined to look at it…please? :)

  9. So I’ve seen a lot on your blog about how to tighten the waistband of pants, or how to tighten their legs, but I have no problem with those things because I have no hips. How do you tighten the hips of pants?