+ A few projects over the weekend and I’m not perfect

Can I just say…I have never taken a sewing class or read a sewing book…I have figured out all these sewing things out on my own, pretty much ;). So, by NO means am I a professional! With that being said, I’m so grateful that there are VERY smart commenters out there that help me out if I post something wrong or am not completely correct on something! I do appreciate the help and thank you! 

I had my lovely friends (roomates from the college years) over last weekend and we kind of had a crafting/sewing day. There was some awesome turnout! Meeshball painted an antique, soon to be TV stand, and it turned out cute (even without the knobs, so to be continued). Larkin made a pencil skirt from scratch, and I helped her refashion one…..and this is what it looks like!

I have a few refashions already finished….excited to share!


  1. fun projects! i love the new color on the furniture and that skirt is fabulous! :)

  2. egads! why can’t i sew!? good golly that is the cutest skirt! seriously, someday ill get brave and buy a sewing machine.

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