+ A few refashions for my sister-in-law

No no no Beck….this isn’t your back yard or your trampoline. You can’t “bounce bounce” on that. Love you though babes.

My sweet sister-in-law, Satyra, is leaving for DC in a few days and is in desperate need of skirts for her internship in the Smithsonian (awesome) and for the extraordinarily hot weather. It is so dang hot there. Sheesh. 
Anyway,  I love her and I will miss her! These refashions are her going away presents…maybe that is lame, but it was free and it turned out cute :)


  1. they turned out GREAT!

  2. You did an amazing job! The coral skirt is my favorite! You seriously make me want to take up sewing so I can refashion some of my old clothes.

    Mint & Mellow

  3. Liz thank you so much, they turned out great! I wish I could have stayed longer, it was fun!

  4. Oh my! Satyra was my T.A. for floral design last year. Small world. I love the skirts, especially the blue one.

  5. these turned out beautiful!

  6. These are gorgeous Liz. I love the high waisted skirt look!

  7. Great skirts, I can’t believe they were dresses! So clever.


  8. LOVE these! Great job so wearable & lovely colors!


  9. Way to go Liz! So cute! I didn’t get to enter your give away but the next one I’m all over that, man. You have such wonderful ideas. I wish I was still close to where you are so you could show me in person too! And could Beck be any cuter???? He is so cute!!!