+ How to Ombre

shirt: stole from sister-in-law    Jacket: Nordstrom    pants: 7s    Jewlery: thrifted and f21   shoes: Guess

item of clothing to dye
soda ash (optional)
gloves (optional)


Dye preparations:
Follow the instructions on the dye box as how to mix the hot water, salt, and dye (you can add soda ash, but I didn’t). I used Tangerine orange RIT powder dye, which was only 2 bucks! You will need some sort of bucket of container to put the dye in. It was convenient doing it in a pot because I could boil the water and keep it warm if I needed to on the stove.
Shirt preparations:
Make sure your shirt is clean and or bleached to get the best color! Completely soak the clothing item being dyed with cold water, squeeze out ALL of the remaining water so it isn’t dripping anymore. Then lay it flat and pin 5 sections out. These will be your layers for your dye to make an ombre effect. Now you are ready to ROCK!
Dye Instructions:
1. Put the shirt into the dye till it reaches the top set of pins, this will be your first layer —– HOLD for 30 seconds
2. Pull the shirt up till it hits the second row of pins, this is the second layer —- HOLD for 1 minute
3. Pull the shirt up till it hits the third row of pins, this is the third layer —- HOLD 5 minutes
4. Pull the shirt up till it hits the fourth row of pins, this is the fourth layer —– HOLD 5 minutes
5. Pull the shirt up till it hits the LAST layer, this is the last or fifth layer —– HOLD 5 minutes.
**For best results HOLD up the entire time so lines don’t form (I learned this the hard way) if your arms get tired, like mine did, you can rest it over your pot or whatever you are using, for a little bit.
After Dye:
Take out pins and rinse it under cold water till the water runs clear. Be SUPER thorough. Then dry it – I think air drying gives the best results! 
Now it is ready to wear! Thanks to Martha Stewart and the RIT box for the help!


  1. ummm…i also loved how this turned out! i gotta try it. i just don’t think i’ll be able to copy your poses, though.

  2. I have a dress that I ruined with bleach and I have totally been wanting to ombre it. These are some of the best instructions that I have seen!

  3. woww beautiful!!!!
    I tried your idea of bleaching and it came so nice:-D
    I have to try this too!!!

  4. I have been dying (dyeing haha!) to do this forever!!! Especially after seeing some ombre T’s at Loft and the Calypso collection at Target. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  5. I love your blazer!! Where is it from??

  6. alaina i totally agree with you! im drooling over that blue blazer of yours!

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  7. I’m *dying* to ombre an old white men’s oxford that I wear…this is awesome!

  8. That is ADORABLE I’m in love with it!!! And the entire outfit…we need to know where the jacket is from :)

  9. Ooh, I love when this happens! I was redesigning a black and white striped top today and ombre-ing crossed my mind. It looks just as cool as I imagined it would! This is awesome!

  10. I got this blazer at nordstrom only a few months ago! The brand is Frenchi! I just checked over there are Nordstrom and they have some very similar ones!

  11. WOW… this is adorable. I definitely have to try it out, I have a few tank tops that need a little “something, something” :)
    Found you through pinterest and am so glad I did! Check out the blog my sister and I just started!


  12. Seriously, every post of your is just pure eye candy. Fabulous shirt, love the end result!

  13. I’m going to have to give this a try! I love it! You have such great style too. I just found your blog through MVD. YOu can find me over at http://hautetosew.blogspot.com

  14. Featured you (and this project) on our blog today!


  15. You look awesome! Love the top but I love the pants even more! Amazing outfit :)

  16. I adore this outfit. everything about it is beautiful, love your style!

  17. Love! And so easy (although I can already feel my arms getting tired!) And to Sara-I love the idea of ombre-ing a man’s oxford-very cool.

  18. Wow. That is such a neat trick. I’ve got to try that! I’ve always been a fan of ombre. The top is amazing and so is your outfit.

    Are you a fan of ombre hair trend?


  19. asd

  20. This is such a unique, stunning idea. Thanks for sharing:)Visiting today.

  21. Hey! Just wanted to let you know I bought the same dye & followed your instructions to a “t” but noticed the towel it was drying on was getting dye on it and I thought hmmm…I must have done something wrong; so I checked out the website’s instructions & they say to rinse in warm water once you’ve finished & then wash in warm water with detergent & then dry–it really gets like ALL the excess dye out.
    Anyway, I just did this twice in the past 4 days, once as a trial run and once with a tank top I refashioned out of two white t-shirts–both turned out GREAT! Thanks for your clear instructions & fun pics! I actually have a really similar blazer & am totally going to rock it with my new ombre tank =).

  22. could you do this with different colors??

  23. wow nice dressing!! It looks awesome you dress up with tank tops and stylish jacket. It makes elegant personality.

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  25. Hello,
    Please tell me what brand your jeans are (or is 7s the brand?). They are exactly what I have been looking for. Love the whole outfit, by the way!