+ Make love not war

Last week I learned that the average couple argues 2,455 times a year, that is 6 to 7 times a day. WHA?! How is that possible, oh wait, it is because I argue that much with my husband. I actually didn’t think I did until I listened to myself this past weekend. It is crazy about all the little bickerings that go on throughout the day….So, note to self:
1. More dates
2. Think…does it matter? Let it go.
3. Say sorry more and admit that I’m wrong
4. Say I love you more
5. Always think of him (and Beck) first
6. Think before I talk
7. Be less stubborn
8. Be more positive
9. Put that stupid phone/computer away, it is
a serious relationship strainer
10. Save more time for him at the end of the day
I love my husband, and don’t want to argue with him 2,455 times this year. That is my goal.


  1. Oh, wow. That is a lot of bickering, but I confess…. we do it often!

    LOVE that dress! Amazing! Good pick!

  2. Love your dress! I need to obey your list.

  3. so there with you though on the arguing haha I just finished telling my husband off for something silly!! Ugh…oh well. Im not the only one! That dress is really cute, I would have fallen in love with it too

  4. hey where is this dress! i want it!

  5. I love your shoes too :) Haha shoes are my favorite….
    And I love your goals. I’m not in a relationship, but when it happens, I want to be able to talk to boyfriend-someday-hubby haha

  6. That is a really cute dress and you’re workin’ it, as always. I have to tell myself those things all the time with Stevo too…I can be a monster. Thanks for the reminder, I don’t want to argue with Steven 2455 times this year too and that’s a good list to go by! Miss you Liz.

  7. ooh. I want that dress! This weekend I have been searching all around for a dress for my graduation.. and I think that one would be perfect! :)

  8. love this. love the dress, too. thanks for sharing both!

  9. i LOVE that dress you’re wearing!

  10. Ooh I’m excited too!! And your outfit=adorable!

  11. I like the pattern of your dress. It makes a great combination with the purple jacket :)


  12. that is beautiful! and argue 6-7 times a day! my guy and i argue too, so maybe your tips will help us fight less!

  13. Oh my gosh, that dress is amazing! It looks gorgeous on you!!

    I don’t argue with my boyfriend too much but when I’m PMSing, oh boy, he had better be nice. :) I’ve started to color code the calendar for him so that he knows I don’t mean what I say on red days.

  14. what a gorgeous dress!!
    i noticed the other the fiance and i argue ALOT. nothing serious but its annoying that i know. we bicker about toothpaste, about dirty clothes, about the mail, about the fan…like for serious who argues about a fan?? ill be making a list like yours tonight. thanks for the inspiration.

  15. This dress is gorgeous! I really love the colors and the topstitching.

  16. I’m in love with the dress!!

    I think I heard the samethng about the couples arguing, and guess what??
    Those 2455 arguments are caused by men, our significant others!

    yup I said it, We’re perfect!!!

  17. Seriously?! No, we don’t argue that much – we’re too busy sitting on our separate computers not conversing to fight.