+ Squishy Cheeks

So, Blogger deleted my last post (as well as everyone else’s last post) and blog layout……….annoying! Enjoy :) Hopefully this doesn’t happen again……mmmk blogger? Lets be friends?

Today was a good day….refashioned a vintage dress for one of my blog readers, met up with some awesome bloggers to plan an awesome swap meet in june (excited about that), ate some yummy mini cupcakes (thanks Rae) followed by left over spaghetti, then Beck, my sister-in-law Rae, her little 6 week old baby, and I took a long walk where Rae took these pictures. Phew, long sentence. I love when I don’t have to take pictures with my little remote and tripod. So much easier. 

Planning on a fun sewing/refashion party…very soon. 

 Roar, sexy time!!! I couldn’t resist posting my goofiness.


  1. Your hair looks GORGEOUS in these pictures!


  2. the color of that top is insane! it looks great with your hair :)

  3. You look so much like Julia Roberts.

    I want your hair. And your creative geniusness.

  4. Fun pictures! You have gorgeous hair!!

  5. You look great in purple and your hair is amazing. You resemble Alessandra Ambrosia. ]
    Hope you have a blast at the swap meet.

  6. Please please please puhlease do a tutorial on how you did your hair!!!! It’s gorgeous! I’ve got the length and the wave, but mine NEVER looks like that! Seriously, I must know your tricks.

  7. wow ^ the girl above me has the same name! that never happens! anyways haha i just wanted to say you look beautiful in the purple color! i love it!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  8. Haha, oh Liz, I miss you.

  9. you are so beautiful, even when your being goofy! And your son is gorgeous. Good work! :) You can just tell how happy you all are in your photos! I just love you blog so much!

    -Heather from lifeofapasseri.blogspot.com

  10. You look so gorgeous in all these pics even the “sexy ones”. love that orange bug!

  11. What a lovely family! And I’m so jealous of your hair!