+ Striped Midi Skirt

Easiest skirt to make ever! I simply used the pencil skirt from scratch guidelines. I just made sure to make it slightly smaller because this cotton knit tends to stretch. I thrifted this fabric….I guess I pick up most of my fabric that way!
So, today when Danny was gone, all Beck wanted was Danny. Why do little ones always want thier dads?! I need to start carrying candy and toys in my purse and pockets. Oh no no wait….I already do all that and it doesn’t work. I’m just not as awesome as my husband. Plain and simple. At least Beck gives me cuddles and kisses.
This can also be a giveaway skirt! Dont forget to enter!  
By the way, BOUGHT the cutest dang shoes today. Hint – dark blue, wedge, steve madden, leather. mmmmmmmmm, love.
Sexy face, no? 
Top: banana republic skirt: self made Shoes/ring: f21

knit or stretchy material (preferably thicker material)
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
fabric pen or marking chalk

*Note: if you are making it from non-stretchy material, you must install a zipper because it won’t be able to slide on over your hips very easily.
1. Measure in inches your:
natural waist (make sure it can slip over your hips)
lower waist/or love handle area (not that anyone has them!)
hip/booty area
length of top of hips to bottom of hips
how tight you want it around your knees
length from natural waist to knees
2. Add an inch to your natural waist, lower waist, booty, knees measurements then divide by 2
EX. if you have a 28 inch waist + add 1 inch = 29 inches,
then divide by 2 = 14.5 inches
3. Take a piece of stretchy or non stretchy fabric fold in half – make sure that it is within the longest width and length of your pencil skirt’s measurement.
4. take a fabric marker or pins and mark the center of the fabric when folded
– the first picture below is folded and marked down the middle!
5. Take all new measurements (EX. 14.5 inches) and center them evenly down the center of the folded fabric in their appropriate places – MARK!!! Just like the first picture shows! if you want to add a little bit extra just in case, that is wise because it can always be taken in! Make sure to account for the length of your hips and the length from your natural waist to the top of the hips. Tapper from the bottom of the hips to the knees.
6. At this point you cut on the marked lines and pin
7. SEW taking a 1/4 – 1/2 seam allowance in account!
8. If you want to add a zipper ( with most stretchy fabrics you don’t have to!) then you can do so now!
9. Hem top and bottom by folding it over and sewing with zig zag stitch – but if you are using knit fabric it doesn’t fray and you don’t have to hem! yahoo!
10. IRON excess fabric from seam allowance down in opposite directions, so it leaves a very flat and clean line on the outside! This is very important, because it makes it look finished.


  1. Love the skirt, and the sexy face – hahah! I just did a post on my blog that ended with a similar sexy pose! :)

  2. That outfit is gorgeous, as are those colors on you! Oh how I would love to sew! :o)

  3. I just found your blog a few days ago and spent my son’s entire nap time devouring it start to finish! You are amazingly talented and creative! I love it!

  4. so Target has a very similar skirt that I almost bought yesterday, but maybe I should finally get enough courage and make one myself…I even like yours better!

  5. Love the color combo. My daughter prefers my husband too- drives me crazy!!

  6. love this! and loved the last post too… you can do no wrong girl! i am working on some C&C flares today… wish me luck!


  7. So so pretty!! Love the colors!

  8. Hehe, I love the sexy face :) More like a “posh spice” face? no?

    The skirt is too cute. and that blue shirt? LOVE.

  9. LOVing that blue top!

    and loving the sexy face…im still working on mine haha

    but sometimes my pictures turn out ok haha- i mostly hope that people just look at the outfit instead of me!



  10. I never knew it was this easy! YAY! I found you on Pinterest! THANK GOODNESS!

  11. I want to know how to make that shirt!


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