+ Weekend happenings…part 2

Emily and my brother Mike came visit as well, you know Emily…from emdickson, right? She is the one with the cutest style and best photography. Anywho, it was so dang fun seeing her and my brother, it has been a long long long time. After they came in we went to cafe rio and ate me some quesadilla…YUM, then put Beck to bed (as in Danny did, thanks honey!), then went to a late movie, which I probably should regret because I got a total of 4 hours, eh, you only see Mike and Em once a year. Let me tell you…it was one of the funnest nights I had in a while, Danny and Mike were hilarious, I seriously almost wet my pants on the way to the movie, I love how I married a funny man. Anyway, that next morning we got up and Emily and I realized that not only did we steal some of my little brother’s clothes to sleep in, but they were the same exact ones, color and all. hilarious. This is when we also realized that we had to document it as well as beck’s crazy hair. So enjoy this semi-embarrassing pictures :)

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 What to expect this week…a few refashions, a tutorial, and few surprises! This is week is going to be AWESOME.


  1. haha sounds like you had a blast! you and em are stinkin hilarious!

    AlphabetSoup Style