+ A few refashion tips for beginners

I wrote this post a week ago or so for a fellow blogger when I was blog sitting, and I thought – if you missed reading it…here is your chance!

I want to give you guys a little taste and beginners tips for refashioning (which I’m sure many of you already participate in!) and maybe you will be bit by the refashioning bug like me! And oh does it feel SO good. The five main things to look for when getting started is finding what to refashion, here are some helpful tips for what to look for:

1. color/pattern/texture
2. look at the trimmings, buttons, etc.
2. what kind of fabric its made out of
3. how much fabric
4. State it’s in
When skimming through my closet or the racks at a thrift store, my eyes will go to a specific color, pattern, texture and fabric. Sometimes I look with a specific kind of fabric or color in mind, like a bright springy, vivid green or something with a nautical them. Sometimes a few buttons or a laced up waist will win me over. Make sure the fabric is a nice quality and in good condition with no stains, holes, tears, etc. Now, make sure that you can at least fit into the item of clothing and if item is big….I say, the bigger the garment, the more fabric and creativity you can put into it.
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Once you have picked out your item of choice, figure out what you want to do with it…you can do this by researching the web or figuring out what you are lacking in your closet! There are MILLIONS of possibilities….you can bleach it, dye it, ombre it, add bows or buttons, cut it up, join it with something else and a LOT of things involve NO sewing (the two refashions below)…the possibilities are endless. I think that is why I love to refashion. Your creativity can GO CRAZY! I hope you enjoyed this little taste of refashioning and maybe, just maybe, it will start making you think about items you have in a DI bag under your bed or that old dress in your closet. Oh what I would do with all those things!


  1. u inspire me! do you have any tips for beginners with the machine? I’m a bit nervous of the whole technical approach :(

  2. So inspiring!

  3. Wow. You’re truly something else. Thank you for sharing your creativity. I’d never think of those non-sewing refashions (even though I don’t sew.) Wonderful post!

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  4. I love every little change you do :)

  5. Thanks for posting this. Although I’ve been refashioning for a while, you were able to articulate what I usually can’t. People always ask, “how do you do it?” And I usually say, “I just do!” Your post will help me explain a bit better :)


  6. I’ve been bitten recently, now I just need the cleverness. I don’t want to just buy a ton of stuff with mothing in mind because that just seems wrong. Plus, as a new sewer I need the confidence in my ability.
    That being said…thank you for the information.

  7. Hi Lizzie B,
    i love this project and I tried it myself, it turned out perfect! Thanks for the great idea. I am a new follower and I love your blog. You are super creative!