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Hey people! This is Lizzie B.,  from cotton and curls, and I ‘m taking over Ana’s blog for a day to post about why Summer is so dang awesome to me….well the answer ladies has 3 parts – fashion, fun-filled vacations, and the feeling of Summer (lazy, relaxed, and craving a popsicle). 
Summer clothing just makes me happy and cheery due to the lace, bright colors, florals, everything flowy, shorts, and swimsuits…oh the lovely swimsuits. Gotta looooove the laid back feel of summer fashion. 
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When I married into Danny’s family, I didn’t realize how much I would be traveling and joining in on traditions all the while having a kick butt time while doing it. Seriously, that family is a hoot. The most fun vacation we go on every year is for the fourth of July, where the entire 30 plus members meet up in San Francisco, then drive a literally nasueating, curvy 3 hour  drive up the coast to Gualala Califonia. And this my friends (or Ana’s friends I might say) is where the magic happens. We wear oversized fleece and no makeup, we don’t shower almost the entire time we are there (I know, nasty…eh its family), and we play card games for hours. There is also a traditional softball game, four wheeler and ranger rides, as well as a scavenger hunt or a movie festival. Lucky for me, I’m taking that trip within the next few trips. Excited! Oh…don’t worry…I won’t be showing you a photo. For my sake.
Now, out of all these things, I think what I love MOST about summer is it’s low expectations. I can just eat all day, not care about what I look like, not care at all about what beck looks like, hang out at the pool, etc etc. I could hang out with Beck all day long outside and do nothing (which I have pretty much been doing all summer). mmmmm, sometimes, that just feels so nice. There are only a few short months when that can happen, and I totally take advantage. So, thank you summer for recharging my mommy battery for the dreadful winter to come.