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Remember in the previous post, I mentioned the little brown piece of fabric peeking under my top? Well, it is called a tee shirt extender made by blush accessories, and it has been a LIFE saver. Why you ask…well, not only does it make things modest, less bulky and less hot, it makes clothes a whole lot more comfortable. All it is, is a tube of stretchy, soft fabric that tapers from big to small and it comes in black white and brown. You have to GO check them out. Or you can win one in that color and size of your choice here!

Now if you really need convincing…..

The number one reason why it became a life saver was because it kept my sanity in tack. Little do you guys or Blush accessories know, I used a white one of these almost EVERY single day of pregnancy and after I gave birth. Literally. It prevented me from feeling super hot (because of less layers) and feeling like a huge whale of a pregnant women (because it allowed me to still wear some of pre-pregnancy pants). I can’t wear it anymore because I wore it out till there was nothing left, I LOVED it to DEATH. The tee shirt extender covered up my pant’s fully unzipped zipper and unbuttoned button. All and all.

Here are a few more ways to wear it….Low with leggings or high to cover cleavage and lowback shirts.
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Good Luck and I’m excited for the winner!


  1. Yay I’d love to have one of these. They look awesome!! I’m following them on Facebook :)

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  6. I wish I had known about these when I was pregnant. Very cute!

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  11. neat idea!
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  12. This is a WONDERFUL idea. Love love it.


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  14. I want! I want! It’s genius.

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  37. So cute I would love one of theses! All my shirts seem to be to sort!!! This would be a total life savor!

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  41. This looks so handy! I would love to be able to get rid of (or refashion!) some of my ill-fitting tank tops.

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  45. Sounds like the perfect quick fix to me!

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  51. ah that is brillant!! I would LOVE to have one! I have one “go-to” tank top that is long enough to do the trick but I’ve been looking for another one so I would have one more option- this would be so great!!

  52. so cute!!! would love to have one!

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  55. What a great idea!

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  57. what an AWESOME idea!

    i have the little bra tops, but i havnt seen anything like this before!

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  58. I want to win this! I like them on facebook.
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  59. Great idea, this! I usually just need a little tube top to keep my cleavage in check at work and I really don’t like to wear a full tank top under my clothes esp in the summer. This might work well.


  60. A tshirt extender is seriously he most innovative thing I’ve seen in awhile. I’d lovvvve to win one to try out! :)

  61. just found out i’m pregnant AND moving to yuma, az. would love to win this- layers won’t be an option where i’m going [120 degrees. yikes!]

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  63. liked ’em on facebook! what an awesome product…even for those of us that aren’t expecting!

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  76. With the crazy humidity out here, I would LOVE a couple of these guys.

  77. These look absolutely perfect for maternity cover-up. Yay!


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  79. Ah! I love this concept!

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  80. LOVED the bella band when I was pregnant. This is the same concept just more stylish and practical. LOVE it. Especially since cropped tees/tanks and low-back shirts are so in style now.

    Liked Blush Accessories on FB (and you)!

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  85. I love the idea!! I get so hot in the summer when I have to wear a tank top under my shirts.

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  88. I’d love to have one of these! A great way to keep my tummy covered while nursing!

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  90. These look fab, what a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity to win one

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  112. Would love this! Crossing my fingers and my toes!

  113. this is such an awesome thing! would totally love this and use it all the time!

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  115. I would definitely put the t shirt extender to use :)

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  117. These things are necessities for me!! love them!!

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  136. every modest girls dream :) hehe

  137. A good way to keep from showing everything in low-rise jeans and slightly too short tops.

  138. I love this! I have a few shirts that are just a little too short and this would be perfect for them!

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