+ flowy top and tight top – 2 in one

Long time no see! It has been awhile…I missed my baby and my sewing machine, that I have become well reunited with over the last few days. I have a TON of projects done and ready to take pictures of! I’m so dang excited. I’ve been craving projects since beginning of NYC. I have been trying to refrain on family stuff because the last few weeks have been lacking in the sewing department.
This one was one I have been dying to fix because it had such potential. My favorite part about it was the cute flowy back that ties with a bow, that I will also wear in the front. Love me some thrifted tops! I paired it with my refashioned boy blazer and a tee shirt extender…..do you see some brown peeking through on the top and bottom of the shirt…I will have to tell you about that later tonight…there is a surprise a comin’.
pants:  7s   shirt: thrifted/refashioned   shoes: Jessica Simpson   blazer: thrifted/refashioned   jewelry: mom gift   shirt extender: Blush
wide shirt
sewing machine or needle and thread
fabric pen or marking chalk
flexible measuring tape

If you want to keep the back of a top flowy and the front a little more on the tighter side…this is something you can try. 
1. turn inside out
2. measure an elastic from one of the middle of yours sides to the other making sure it is stretched and comfortable
3. sew one side of the elastic to the inside, side seam of your shirt and so the same with the other end on the opposite side. This will be covering the flowy side (for me the back).
4. turn right side out and slip it on making sure the elastic is touching your back. The front will then be pulled tight by the hidden elastic while the back will remain flowy! 


  1. Wow, this look is so sophisticated. Love it.

  2. That’s a great idea, I quite think I might do it in reverse on a few tops… It has only been a few months since my last baby and the flowier the better in the front, but it looks best if flowy things are snugger on my back.

  3. that top is so pretty. I love what you did with it. :)

  4. that top is SO fun! i am very excited to see what other sewing projects you’ve been working on, my summer finally starts this wednesday and i can’t wait to just sew all day :]

  5. I’ve got to be honest: when I saw the top I thought “how can that possibly look cute on anyone?” and then in the last pictures I was like “woah! that DOES look cute!”

    I love it! :)


    Ana Paula

    Pretty in Polka Dots

  6. PS: I totally love the elastic thing that makes the blouse fitting in the front but flowy in the back. I’ll have to try that, because I have a hard time having lose tops fit my curvilicious body (meaning: I have big boobs and nothing fits right).

  7. Great job. the little elastic trick is clever…you look great! -C.C.

  8. Wow, love the whole outfit! I’d so love to start doing something like this, but I really, really don’t have time lol Maybe next year ;o)

  9. This is brilliant! And it looks absolutely gorgeous!


  10. This is lovely! So clever.

  11. Gorgeous! You are so talented, love your blog.

  12. Very elegant solution! I will try this myself. Thank you for sharing this idea.