+ Happy father’s Day to the fathers in my life.

LOVE my dad. He is one of the most generous and supportive people in my life. Also, one of the SWEETEST. 
I miss you very much daddo. Thanks for everything you have done for me.
To the father of my baby….I love you. You are the best father I could have ever found for my little Beck. You are patient, sweet, loving, caring, FUN, energetic – especially at the times I need you to be the most, supportive, goofy, and thoughtful. I love how you worry about him and loose sleep over him, even over little things like if he is going to be sore from too much trampoline bouncing. I love how you say night night prayers with him everynight. I love how you take time to be with him over anything else. I just LOVE you. 


  1. So lovely! :)