+ Last day in NYC

Saw tons of stuff today, my feet were throbbing by the end. Even though I did manage walk the extra few blocks to grab a carat cupcake from Billys. We road the Staten Island ferry, checked out the Statue of Liberty, played a little in an empty subway car when we were headed home. Then I sneeked over the Diane von Furstenburg’s office (well, the building) and thought…I’m very underdressed, very. It was like walking into the Devil Wears Prada movie, and I was Anne Hathaway pre-makeover. Everyone was beautiful. Then they asked if I was looking for the store, and I said um yes. But that was a lie, I just was wanting to see the inside of wear she worked. Anyway, we headed up to columbus circle and central park and sat on the big rock, ate Indian food at Brick Lane and last walked home a million blocks. That is mainly why my feet hurt. 
I’m would say that I will miss NYC, but I soooooooo badly miss my little boy. I have been holding back the tears all day. I hope he is as excited to see me as much as I am to see him. :)
Also, I have thought of a million ideas while I’ve been here…so stayed tuned for that this week or next! Excited to whip out the sewing machine.

Oh and I went to Mood fabrics…the place in Project Runway…it was awesome. Even Danny said so, and that means a lot.


  1. I wish I could go to Mood! I love PR. Best show on TV. It looks like a ton of fun!

  2. lovely photos!

  3. MOOD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i am beyond jealous.

  4. Oh my, your trips sounds so fun. I hope you were able to beat the heat and enjoy all that you had planned!

  5. I used to be obsessed with Project Runway and live vicariously through all the designers doing the things that I will never be able to do, but that I adore so much!

    Mood! It just emits awesomeness. Even from the picture.

  6. Okay. You remind me SO much of Ashley Greene! Have you ever gotten that before?

  7. so in this fourth pictures it look like you have freckles…do you?

    they look so stinkin cute!

    and it looks like you had a lovely time in NY! I’m so jealous!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  8. oh my goodness. I’m so jealous that you got to go to NYC! Looks like you had a blast. But I’m mostly jealous that you got to go to Mood!!! I love Project Runway :)

  9. I love the yellow stripes! Very fresh :) (and… a trip to NY! I’d be sad too)

    PS: I love Project Runway! Going to Mood would be like going to the Mecca. 😉


    Pretty Polka Dots

  10. I interned at DVF one summer! It really is beautiful…. I was amazed every day when I walked into that studio.

    And man, oh man – Mood. Probably one of my favorite places in NYC. I would spend a lot of my time in there. You’re making me miss the city so much now! But it looks like you had a fantastic time :)


  11. you look SERIOUSLY gorgeous…and now you’ve got me dreaming of Billy’s cupcakes. sigh.

    gorgeous photos–and a beautiful blog! so happy to have stumbled over :) xoxo {av}

  12. I’m dying to take a trip to NYC! Looks like you had a blast! -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  13. It looks like you had such a great time! I’ve never been there but now I want to go more than ever!!

  14. Now I am so jealous!!! Visiting Mood must have been so awesome :)