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I erased a ton of crutial pictures from my camera…dumb. Like the before picture of this shirt, eh..what can I do, whats done is done! So, let me paint an image in your mind – this top was an oversized shirt long sleeved old lady looking! But for some reason I was drawn to the stripes. I kept imagining it with a tight pencil skirt or high waisted bell bottoms. Hmmmm, sounds nice. 
Beck loved this little visit to the green house, I had to pry him away from all the pickable flowers. It was dang cute though. And what is soooooo funny with all that secret telling my husband and kid are having hmmm? Is it about me? Hm? Well, is it!? 
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
fabric pen or marking chalk

1. Turn inside out and mark it by either matching up a shirt next to it or marking it while it’s on.
2. cut of the sleeve’s ends if you want (I did because I’m making a cuff)
3. Sew!

3. fold up the front and back to the desired length you want the front and back. I want the front to be shorter than the back so I only took in a little in the back and tapered in the front. I made sure to sew at least half inch to and inch from the the bottom because then it wont turn out on you!
4. Trim off the extra and serge if you want (or zig zag stitch the edges)

5. I This was also the part that was erased, but when I cuffed the sleeves I rolled them at least 2 times, then added 2 or 3 straight stitches about a half inch long around the cuff to secure it. Done!


  1. These pictures are beautiful! What a cute family. I need to redo a button-up shirt I already have and NEVER wear. Oy.

    I’ll post about it whenever I finally get it done!

  2. totally chic… this is what i will be doing the next few days… i need to make-over some shirts pronto cause the last few days have been sweaty hot!


  3. yay So love the shirt!

  4. Such sweet garden photos of your family.

    I wish I could sew but I am hopeless. I am now resorting to buying sticky tape to make my pillows – ha

  5. cute cute! love the shirt and have been craving some goodwill shopping… may have to do this to one of my finds!

    <3 erika @ rougeandwhimsy.blogspot.com

  6. That shirt is SO cute! Thanks for showing how to alter it. Your photos are so fun!!

  7. such lovely pictures! and i love the DIY look.


  8. You TOTALLY look like Julia Roberts in the last 3 pictures of you…its the same exact facial expression too.

    sorry, but SOMEONE just had to say it!

    i wish i could comment in an image!

    AlphabetSoup Style

  9. Absolutely in love with your blog: the inspiration, the images, your adorable family and you and your style. Love it!

  10. i am obsessed with your blog!your so pretty and all of your stuff turns out so good! i cant wait to see what else you will post.