+ Swap Meetup Party was ROCKIN’!

The Swap Meetup has come and gone and it was so awesome – probably due to the heaping bags of swapped clothes we (we left the party like bandits) went home with, the 1,000 calorie sweet desserts we inhaled, the new swimsuit I could finally sport, and the friendly peeps we mingled with. Loved it. 
I wish I could hang out with these fun chicks more often! 
The hostesses Diana, Me, Ana, and Morgan…we are crazy hot (temperature wise, unless you think otherwise, then that too, but I was referring to the weather)
Ana’s cupcakes = heaven
sister four say more is more‘s mom is AWESOME, single, and hot…..love her.
Hottest and funnest group of party swappers EVA! 
Ready…set…swap! And I may say, all the gals were quite civilized. No tears, no hair pulling.
If you want to steal these photos plus many many more….take it from this Jessica’s flickr page! Thanks Jessica for being the photographer!
Here are the links to the lovely party goers…please check them out, they are AMAZING and SO FUN! If you attended and you aren’t on the list…feel free to add yourself so people can check you out!


  1. oh man! i wish i could of gone but my husband and i were at lagoon celebrating our anniversary that day.

  2. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there! Hopefully there will be one in the fall because we come back home at the end of August! It looks like it was a HUGE success!! Well planned!

    amy day to day

  3. I wish I could have been there! When will you do the next one? the end of August perhaps?!? :) That’s when i will be in Utah again.

  4. i’m gonna jump on the wish i could have come bandwagon. looks like you girls had a fabulous time!

  5. so fun!! thanks for hosting ladies! :)

  6. It was SO SO SO FUN!
    So awesome to meet you!!

  7. I didn’t attend. :( I wasn’t in Utah. I wish I was! I just told Melissa on her blog that I would feel like I was meeting a bunch of celebrities if I got to come to that party!

  8. I live right near the swap but was out of town. Do one again soon!

  9. HOw fun!!! I wish someone would have one of these near me :)

  10. i loved coming to this! i think we should have some more often! the decorations were beautiful and the treats were ah-mazing! thanks for hosting it! okay so im totally like flikr illiterate haha how do i get the photos off of it and onto my blog?

    p.s. i tried your crop top tutorial and i posted it on my blog. i also posted a link to your blog and the tutorial. you can come and check it out if you want :)

  11. I had so much fun! I’m excited to see how everyone wears/refashions their finds!

  12. this really was fun! :) can’t wait to meet up more.