+ Taking in your pants with darts!

I have always loooooved these AE wide legs pants that I’ve had since high school, yet I only wore them 2 or so times. I always felt a little frumpy in them. In a previous post, I took in the legs a tad and it still kept it’s more low waisted look. I still couldn’t get myself to wear them….so, I forced myself to take it in and make them high waisted. I was worried it would accentuate my derriere a bit too much but in fact it fit perfectly! I am so excited now! 
By the way, the party was AMAZING on saturday! Thanks girls for coming and being so dang fun. I’m so excited about the bag full of swaped clothes. Can’t wait to show you guys! I will post the pictures hopefully tomorrow.
top and hat: quincees boutique   pants: ae  

pants a little big on the waist

sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
marking pen or chalk 
1. turn inside out
2. pinch and mark above your bum pockets
3. sew and tapper toward the pocket to make the dart
4. if you are taking in a lot, you may also want to take in the pocket as well, or add a button like mine
5. optional – cut and sew. I didn’t have so much to take in that I needed to. Plus, it gives me the option to take it out


  1. Thanks for sharing-I often alter my own clothing too in minor ways (due to lack of sewing skills) and my self-figured out ghetto-rigged waist alterations don’t look near as good as this!
    The white pants look amazing on you, love the photos!

  2. Oooh thanks for sharing! I think I’ll now be able to wear those jeans that are sitting in my closet because they’re too big. I’m so excited!

  3. They look great! But I definitely don’t have the problem of owning any pants that are too big :)

  4. So easy! I’ve been tempted lately to increase my wardrobe by refashioning my maternity clothes. This may come in handy. Thanks!

  5. Those pants look awesome on you! It amazes me that you can look at something, think of what you want to do to it, and just do it. Jealous!

    amy day to day

  6. I honestly think I have those EXACT same pants. I love the way they make my butt look. But again, I’ve only worn them a handful of times. For me, they’re a little too short. They’re like more than a few years old, right? I don’t remember what year but it must’ve been over 5…you’ve made them look great!

  7. nice job! The pants now looks so chic on you


  8. So last night I dreamed about high waisted pants with pleats, and I’m pretty sure I figured it out. How weird to dream about patterns and sewing and be able to fix it!

  9. I am so much more in love with your blog and your cuteness after getting to meet you at the blog party. ♥

    Your pants turned out rockin’.

  10. Great idea! You’re such a model. The pants look awesome!

  11. Wow, your derriere is rocking those pants :) High waist was the way to go.

    – Jagiri

  12. oh you are so amazing!!! GREAT idea, as usual! i loved meeting you sat… it was so fun, the swap was an awesome idea and you are so much fun! i KNEW we would be buds! too bad i live in MI… lets thrift tomorrow k!


  13. So so amazing. You are so talented!
    Ask the Duplex

  14. Love it Liz!

  15. I used to have those pants! Love your modifications!!

  16. Awesome job! they look great. I did the same to mine this week, but I’m wondering how you make the new darts lay flat or will they always poke into my waistline?

  17. This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me. Kudos!


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