+ Thanks Elijah!

Surprise…I’m in New York! Danny shocked me last week before we were going to family dinner…”oh by the way babe, we are going to New York on the 2nd”. Then I said, “Really?! That is awesome, I’m shocked………. wa wa wa wait a minute, the 2nd is in a week! Whaaaaa!?” 
So, I was surprised and excited!!! We are staying with Danny’s brother Elijah who is going to NYU law school – BY THE WAY ladies HE IS SINGLE :) He bought us some yummmmmmmy donuts for breakfast hence the super in love face. Anyway, here is the view from where we are staying!


  1. Oooooooooooh, I’m not jealous at all. Noooooooo, not at all! Have fun!

  2. OH gee…think he could fit another visitor in??? Hope you’re having a blast.

  3. How fun!! Have a great time!!

  4. fun! we are moving there in four weeks!

  5. what?!?! that is AWESOME!! have fun in new yoooork (concrete jungle where dreams are made of…)

  6. Me and my husband went to Upstate in November of 09. We fell. in. love. with New York. Most beautiful state in the entire country!

    You lucky.

  7. Awesome!! I live in ny!!

  8. Haha! I just went to new york a few weeks ago and stayed with my sisters friend who is also going to nyu law school! crazy!