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I finally finished and sent out a box pleat skirt to a fellow blogger! I’m SO excited to see it on her! But very nervous….she lives all the way in Oklahoma and I have NO idea if it will fit. nervous nervous. I realized today that I would seriously consider wearing it inside out with it’s cute big white buttons and reverse box pleats. mmmmm. love. Want to know how to make a box pleat skirt? Here is the tutorial.
Anyway…I seriously have a million ideas and projects that I want to act upon. SO MANY. But, I was wondering…do you guys have any? Anything you want me to copy catwalk? i.e. send me a pic of something you want a tutorial of?
 Also….don’t forget about the giveaway!


  1. Woot woot! I’m SO excited to get it! It looks adorable Liz!!!

  2. That skirt looks great, even inside out :) I don’t have any ideas for a tutorial right now… I’d say choose a project that you have been thinking of. That way you will definitely be excited about doing it. Plus, I’d love to see what ideas you’ve been brewing!

    Tales of an Illegal Midget

  3. What a lovely colour! Very feminine:)

  4. What a cute skirt! Love the color.

  5. love the skirt! adorable! :)

  6. I always look forward to your posts, you are so creative and talented


  7. First of all, you rock–your style and the life you breath into old clothes to make them into something new and chic is amazing and completely inspiring! Thank you!

    I could see you making a copy cat of this jacket from Portmans as seen in this Glamour post:


    Keep on doing your thing!


  8. Funny you post this, I’m working on a floral pleated skirt myself!

    I love yours! It’s super cute!


    Ana Paula – Pretty in Polka Dots

  9. Cute!! I love it! Where did you learn to sew and alter! I think you need to mentor me at it… lol. I’d love it!!

    Much Love,

  10. LOVE that skirt…sooo cute! That color is fab and great for summer!


  11. I want it, i need it! You have some mad skills! so seriously cute! Seriously!!!

  12. That’s gorgeous! I’m just learning my way around my sewing machine at the moment. One day I’ll be able to create pieces like this =) x

  13. Wow, I’ve just found your blog and am blown away by your work! Can’t wait to see what’s next.
    – Jagiri


  14. Polly Peachum says:

    Hello Liz, Hello all !! :-))

    I just discover this fantastic blog and I suscribe, indeed !!!

    Difficult for me to understand “how to… “and tutorials because I don’t speak enough english… but i’ll try !

    Can I ask my firt question ? :
    The tutorial’s link for this adorable skirt don’t works anymore.
    Can you send me the tutorial or let here the right link, please ?

    I’m so glad to discover you and your blog !! :o)))
    Thank you very much !!