+ A day of golf for the girls.

Yesterday was a golf day for the girls and man, was it so dang fun. Maybe because we laugh and make fun of ourselves the whole time and don’t take the game at ALL serious like the boys. The boys are all like….I got under par, par, bogie, 62 blah blah blah and the girls are all covering the holes that we wacked out of the ground (which we blamed on our oversized clubs and gloves we borrowed from our husbands). 
Love these girls and love wearing “Gualala wear” i.e. not caring.


  1. I wanted to tell you, you inspired me so much. I learned sewing in school and my mom showed me how to do and i loved it. But than i forgot about and your blog reminded me of what you can do by yourself so i started sewing again. Yesterday I bought a magazine called ‘burda style’ (www.burdastyle.de) which you can get here in germany. It’s full of cuts/pattern (i don’t know if i found the right word for it in the dictionary, i hope you know what i mean) and i want to sew a dress by my own for a wedding i’m invited for in september. And i have to tell you too, that your little family is so cute! I love to see all the pictures you post!
    Much love Marie

  2. super cute! i suck at golfing, haha, but that looks like tons of fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love the idea of a girls golf day.

  4. super excited for the $1 refashion!

    and i totally went golfing this past weekend! haha we do trick shots though at mini golf…because we are sooo talented…yep haha

    AlphabetSoup Style

  5. Looks like you gals had so much fun!!