+ A little of my fourth

Loving Gualala and it’s quaint population of 535. All we do is play all day, and laze around at night. Mmmmm doesn’t that sound so delightful? And my fourth of July get-up is an altered striped thrifted top (I shortened without cutting or hemming…tutorial here)
Love the picture of Beck gnawing on some watermelon rind. Classic.   
Sexy badmitten playing, no?


  1. I love that shirt. I have a couple shirts that could definitely use a little ruching. Looks like your weekend was a blast. I do love small-town fun.

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  2. That swingset on that crazy cool fallen tree is the COOLEST thing I have ever seen. Like woah. haha and I loove your sexy badmitten playing, hilarious :)

  3. love the simplicity of it all and am certainly jealous of your laz time!

  4. lovely pictures, so many happy faces. That’s a clever idea to shorten the top.


  5. your little family is soo cute!!!!

  6. Did anyone ever tell you that you look like a gorgeous young Julia Roberts?? 😉 Love your blog btw!

  7. Oh my, I only saw about 6 pictures and I’m already jealous of the enormous amount of space (and nature) you have over there! Beautiful pictures! Inspiring remakes!