+ Custom made giveaway just for you, you, or you!

Giveaway now closed….thanks for entering :)

A few months ago I had my own little giveaway where I would make the winner something custom made. I love this because I’m personally giving/making you guys something from me and only me. My own sweat, blood and tears…okay, I’m going a little to far saying that, but I think you get it :) Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my readers. You guys are the best! Seriously, so sweet and talented. I want to make you something to tell you all that.

So with out any further ado…

I will make a custom made piece of clothing for the winner! 
You can pick ALMOST anything that I have sewn in the past or send me something you want me to refashion for you…you decide! Keep in mind that the fabric may be different, but you can choose what kind of fabric you like.

Here are just a few examples of something I’ve made or refashioned in the past:

To Enter:
Leave a comment! If you want you can tell me which design/refashion/whatever you would choose (1)
OPTIONAL for additional entries:
become a follower (1)
post it on facebook (1)
post in a blog post (1)
tweet it (1)

Here is a picture of the last winner, Rebecca, who wanted a purple circle skirt and a blogger friend, Amy, who wanted a bright pink box-pleated skirt. Aren’t these ladies lovely!?


  1. How is someone really supposed to pick only one thing? Everything looks just awesome. However of the pieces featured up top. That polka dot pocket skirt is darling!

  2. so exciting! I love love the navy inspired striped shirt!

  3. ah…I don’t know WHAT I would choose…a dream come true though!

    Fingers crossed

  4. awesome giveaway!!!!!!! i would love that midi skirt or any of your designs! i’ve been on a hunt for one because for a country club party to go to! love love love you blog! did i mention i love your blog!
    xoxo, ayan

  5. I would love to win! I’d pick the paper bag waist skirt. Or the pencil skirt. Or the flowy top… I promise I’ll have my mind made up if I win. :)

  6. this is an amazing give away. How would someone choose though? I do love the yellow blouse with the refashioned sleeves! :)

  7. I love the polka dot pocket skirt and the skirt with the ruffles on the back!

  8. I am super excited. I fell in love with your Pencil Refashion and Embellishing post from Dec 8th of 2010 and I would love to own one for myself. I love what you did with it and it looks and wears amazingly. Thanks for offering this contest!

  9. I tweeted about it :) @KellyW1331

  10. You’re just too sweet! I agree with the other commenters, your stuff is just so great it’s hard to pick one thing! I am in love with the blush colored skirt you’re wearing in the first photograph!

  11. I also follow your blog!

  12. LOVE all the pieces- the polka dot skirt is a little edgier for me, so I think I would pick that- such a fun design!!!

  13. Also I follow your blog!

  14. You are adorable and it is so sweet of you to host a giveaway of this nature. I would love to have one of those Polka Dot skirts. So great for summertime!

  15. Your skirts are all amazing, but I am loving those vintage tees you’ve been refashioning! It would be awesome to win!!

  16. Linked to it on facebook. :)

  17. I want to win, I want to win! I’m really loving that tight, striped skirt in the second top picture!

    amy day to day

  18. I’m a follower.

  19. We’re twitter buds.

  20. Like ya on fb.

  21. of course I’m a follower!! FAB giveaway…you inspire me to learn to sew! but for now i’m crossing my fingers i’ll win and you can sew for me 😉

  22. if i were to be the lucky winner i’d LOVE the striped pencil skirt! (i love how long you made it!) xoxo

  23. This is such a fun idea (again!!) I love it! I would get the skirt like the one you made with the red polka dots! So cute! I don’t know what color though.. choices choices… :):) -Rachel (adistinctstyle.blogspot.com)

  24. I still want that blue skirt so bad! I wanted to win it last time! I still cry over the loss.

  25. I am a follower!

  26. I forgot to mention above that I’ve been a follower and I’m a follower on FB too!

  27. I like you on facebook!

  28. Oooh, I would love a skirt in gray with the little rufflies in the back!!

  29. My “whatever else” is not posting it anywhere that would advertise it, because that would give me less of a chance to win that blue skirt. Selfish? Yes. But these are desperate times…

  30. Liked you on facebook!

  31. Cuteness!! I absolutely love the pink flowy midi skirt in the first picture:)

  32. yay yay horray giveaway! I love all your refashions and projects… I’d be blessed to win any of them!

  33. I love the circular pink skirt so pretty, I would love to win. thanks

  34. I am a follower.

  35. I liked you on facebook.

  36. I am a follower

  37. I love what you did the with stripped shirt where you pinned up the sides and the sleeves.

  38. Love your blog, thanks for sharing all your good ideas!

  39. Yay! I have so many ideas! I’d probably go with some sort of skirt though. I love the black one with the ruffles in the back!

  40. Uhm, I would totally want a long striped pencil skirt like the one you’re rocking above. Really! I’d really like one. :)

  41. I follow on twitter.

  42. No flipping way! How fab is this giveaway? Love it!

    Okay I’d most definitely choose a tee-shirt redesign, probably the one with gold buttons (I Love gold lately) – like your navy/white striped t-shirt in the bottom image below. Swoon!

  43. I’d choose the paper bag skirt. So cute.
    Also, I’m contemplating turning some jeans into skinnies and I have watched and rewatched your video. Thanks for the tips!

  44. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/spiffykerms/status/90464881807081472

    I don’t know how to follow you on twitter, is there a link for you?

  45. And I have you in my reader :)

  46. I actually have a skirt that I bought at a local thrift store here in LA and it doesn’t fit at all but I LOVE the fabric/pattern. Something cute needs to be done to it. Can you help a girl out? :) Thanks for such a rad give-away!

  47. I love the box skirt and the circle skirt, but everything is so cute!

  48. I would love to have that box-pleated skirt because I have been looking for that kind of a skirt but haven`t found it yet and my sewing skills aren`t good enought for me to do it myself. It`s nice that you desided to do this giveaway again. :)

  49. I love everything you make and have spent countless hours drooling over your work. I would pick the box pleated skirt or maybe the pencil skirt.

  50. I would definitely go with one of the skirts! They’re all so cute!
    (Although I do have some jeans I need to figure out how to fit.)

  51. Definitely the box pleat skirt you made!


  52. I’m a follower!

  53. And I follow on twitter!

  54. And I think you are gorgeous and so wish I had your skills. Annnnd I wish that we had the chance to meet before I left! So sad.

  55. I’d love the circle skirt!

  56. I’m excited!! I can’t decide what I would want!

  57. I’m following :)

  58. Liked you on Facebook (that sounds funny)

  59. I love the box pleat skirt!!! The one you made for the last winner looks absolutely amazing. And of course, I am a C&C follower!

  60. following on twitter!

  61. I’m a follower.

  62. I love your refashions! I really liked the one where you added the flower fabric to the back of your cardigan. Super cute. I think if I were given an opportunity to borrow your talents, I would have you refashion this vintage thirfted dress that my mom gave me. Its super cute, but needs help.

    Thanks for all your fun and cute refashions!

  63. I follow on Twitter.

  64. oh my, I can’t make up my mind! I’m thinking one of your skirts. Fingers crossed!!

  65. I follow on Twitter

  66. and FB

  67. and I follow your blog. =)

  68. You are seriously my hero when it comes to reworking/enhancing things! I follow your blog for sure :)
    I love your skirts, one in particular…

  69. I love that skirt you made from t-shirts that had the thick stripes. One of those (maybe in some different colors?) would be so awesome!!


  70. I follow you on Twitter :)

  71. I’d love a circle skirt! :)

  72. I follow your blog!

  73. Oh my goodness, some lucky girl is going to get the skirt of her dreamsss. I think I like the pocket skirt best…But I’m not even deciding colors or anything unless I win because I dont want to get my hopes up. Ha.

  74. ohhhh – pick me pick me!!!! hands waiving up and down, jumping in my seat! :)

  75. I follow you!

  76. i am a follower…and i would LOVE a paperbag skirt!! i have loved yours since you posted about it…

  77. my whatever entry I want to tell you that I LOVE that red polka dot skirt!!!

  78. oh and i liked you on facebook! yay!

  79. Love your blog and I’d love to win! Thanks!!!

  80. Oh my goodness, this would be the best giveaway EVER to win!!

  81. I am also a follower!

  82. I’m a HUGE fan of this giveaway. I would def chose the flowy white top or the light blue skirt featured above. I follow your blog and I follow you on FB. I’d love to win!!

  83. I would LOVE to win this!!

  84. like you on facebook

  85. I love the white and red polka dot skirt! I contemplated making it but it looked like a bit too much work for me ha!

  86. and I follow :)

  87. Awesome! I would love the Orange Creamsicle skirt. :)

  88. I like you on FB!

  89. awesome giveaway!! I love your peach circle skirt in the top left-hand corner.

  90. I also posted a blog post about this giveaway!

  91. How sweet! I’ve been in love with the white and red polka dot copy catwalk skirt you did, it would totally be my choice if I won!

  92. Wow, what an amazing giveaway. I’d be happy to bring home almost everything you make. Seems like we share style a lot :)

  93. And I am a follower too…

  94. i love this giveaway! i would definitely pick either the circle skirt or the box pleat. oh, and i follow your blog.

  95. What a fabulous idea!! I love all your refashions so it’s tough to pick! I think I would go with the high-waisted pencil skirt with the ruffle details. SO cute!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  96. Although I don’t comment as often as I’d like, I’ve definitely been following!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  97. Hm, I would choose the thrifted and taken in shirt here: http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/2011/06/thrifted-and-taken-in.html

  98. Ooh! I’m super pumped. I love love love the box pleat skirt I’d take it in almost any color! I follow you on GFC

  99. I follow you on Twitter

  100. I tweeted about this giveaway! http://twitter.com/#!/YeahMissLovie

  101. I posted this on my facebook!

  102. I already like you on FB

  103. Umm have to win this! I would want a skirt like that red one you made with the tie but in a chambray!

  104. Of course I follow!

  105. I follow you on Twitter!

  106. I like you on FB

  107. Um and I have your button on my sidebar it counts right ;)!

  108. I just barely found your blog and I fell in love with it!! I love love love the light pink full skirt you made!

  109. i would love love love a dark denim pencil skirt! it’d be so fun to win :) love your blog

  110. I THINK I would pick that red polka dot skirt, but don’t hold me to it! I’m rather indecisive.

  111. I would love a maternity skirt! Any color, any style…something to make me look cute =)

    joellenzafacon at gmail dot com

  112. I follow your blog…

    joellenzafacon at gmail dot com

  113. Been waiting for this day! Definitely you light blue skirt

  114. I follow your blog!

  115. ohh… I love them all, especially the skirts… but if i had to choose only one it would be the polka dot skirt with pockets! SOOOO CUTE

  116. I follow your blog

  117. i love your floral applique sweater, and your making men’s t-shirts into girl shirts and little boy shirts! i would have a terrible time deciding! thanks for the chance!
    – gabby
    gabriellecato at gmail dot com

  118. Oh I would so love to win!!!

  119. i already follow your blog because it’s stinkin’ awesome. :)

  120. I love the striped pencil skirt!

  121. I’m already a follower!

  122. the opportunity to win something handmade from miss talented herself? please let me win. skirt number one has my heart.

  123. and of course i follow your lovely blog.

  124. I would love a skirt like the polka-dot, bow, with pockets skirt.

  125. OR the pink whimsical skirt in the first picture-love that too! Already a follower, love the blog.

  126. im a follower. i want some sort of skirt.

  127. I absolutely love the pink skirt from the first picture! Well I love all of your work to be honest 😉

  128. I love the striped shirt!!! So casual and comfy!!

  129. I’d love the knit midi circle skirt. I’ve also +1’d you on Google+ since I’m giving it a try this week. I hope that counts for some sort of additional entry :)

  130. Love the box pleated skirts and the easy striped top!

  131. wow!That is absolutely fantastic!Its the best give-away I have ever seen..:))))
    Thank you, thank, thank you..
    I am excited only with the potential chance to win!!!!

  132. You’re amazing! This would be fabulous. I think I’d love a skirt of some kind.

  133. Ohhh, love the skirt with the gold buttons!

  134. already a follower!

  135. I’ve been wanting a black and white striped maxi skirt! Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. What a fun giveaway. I have no idea what I would choose. Maybe if I win I would have you surprise me because all of your designs are awesome. :)

  137. I’m a follower!

  138. this is such a super giveaway! ^^ It’s really hard to choose…but I love the recent refashion you did of the men’s dress shirt.(:

  139. I follow your blog!

  140. I’m a follower! ^^

  141. I want that skirt with the cute ruffle in back!

  142. I want them all! You inspired me and my last time going through my clothes I picked out a big pile to try and refashion. You may be getting one of those if I win… Great prize!

  143. You are so super talented! The sparkly shoes are amazing… or the skirts… or shirts… any of it really :)

  144. I like your pencil skirt!

  145. oh my goodness. i want a hot pink box skirt too!

    i love everything you do. this weekend i even went to goodwill to try to find a denim shirt to redo ala cotton & curls.

  146. i also follow you via GFC

  147. Ooooooo! A skirt. Really, any of them. I love them all.

  148. And, I follow you through GFC.

  149. i love the teal pencil skirt! anything like that would be darling! :)

  150. i already follow you, so post number two for the teal skirt! :))

  151. What an awesome giveaway, I love everything you make/refashion! (BTW, I think this is my first time commenting although I’ve been reading your blog for a while. For some reason my comment would never go through!)

  152. I’m a follower!

  153. that teal skirt is so my style! i’d looove it :)

  154. hope i win :) so many comments! i follow :)

  155. The box pleat skirt is TO DIE FOR.

  156. oh oh oh GOODNESS this is the coolest giveaway ever!! i have no idea, i would probably give you total creative freedom. but i would be the most excited person EVER if i won!


  157. also…i’m a follower!


  158. Box pleated skirt, please! Also, I’m a follower. I hope that counts as two entries.


  159. This is the best giveaway ever!! I’m such a huge fan, you and your family are just the cutest :] I would love to win that blue box-pleated skirt.

  160. I’m a follower!

  161. How thoughtful of you!! I love looking at your projects. If I win, I’d love the flowy, polka dot (doesn’t have to be polka dot) skirt with the pockets. I tried to make something like that and couldn’t really figure it out so that would be my favorite!

  162. Hi! I posted this on facebook!
    And I became a follower!
    Ooooh.. I need more skirts in my wardrobe..
    Either the circle skirt, the box pleated skirt, or the big pocket polka-dot skirt, in either a coral fabric, or floral!
    Oh, that would be soo stunning!

  163. i became a follower! i love the red and white polka dot skirt! its adorable! love love love the bow and pockets!! although i do like the box pleated skirt too!

  164. I would love to win! Everything to make is soo cute, I could hardly ever choose!

  165. What a great giveaway! I would love love love your “bow boy” blazer (I was so wowed when you refashioned that!) or a classic pencil skirt in fun color/pattern!

  166. I love all of these redesigns…but I think I would pick the striped midi skirt! fingers crossed :)

  167. i absolutely love the skirt you made for amy! i think i’d like it in a dark gray. you are awesome!

  168. i also follow your blog! :)

  169. I would love to have the box-pleat skirt! It’s adorable!

  170. I’m a follower!

  171. i want in on this!

  172. absolutely a follower!

  173. Wow, I just found your blog and pinterest and fell in love and then I found you have a giveaway too!!! I love the peach skirt and have wanted a legit “twirl” skirt in peach for a while now :) Love it

  174. OMG I have completely fallen in love with your blog! You have given me so many ideas to refashion my own clothes. I LOVE your black pencil skirt with the little ruffle on the back bottom. I would definitely want one of those.

  175. Yay! I love this! I really LOVE the black pencil skirt with the ruffles on the back. I was seriously thinking of making one today, but if I win then I won’t have to… 😉 Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  176. Of COURSE I am a follower! I ♥ your blog!

  177. I would so love the skirt with the ruffle in the back! When you posted that I wanted to make it so badly but alas, I do not sew.
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  178. I am a follower of your gorgeous site!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  179. I love all the skirts! This is so exciting!


  180. I’m also a follower.


  181. i would choose the paper bag skirt! color and all! its so pretty!!

  182. of coarse i follow you!!

  183. i love that there is a blogger that not only strives for a classic wardrobe on a dime, but a MODEST wardrobe also. my hat goes off to you, my dear, you have already inspired so many cute and modest refashions! amazing!

  184. Rad giveaway, Liz! I’d LOVE a circle skirt. Or maybe a circle dress? I’ve been eyeing a bunch of those recently.

    You’re so talented!

  185. Ooh the skirts! The skirts are so precious and feminine! I love the box pleat one.

  186. I really do not know which one to choose. Everything is lovely.

  187. I love the pokka dot skirt. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!


  188. Wow all of those skirts are so cute! i LOVE the peach one! it looks so vintage, i am going to have to try and make that!

  189. I love the first skirt so much! You’re so sweet doing a giveaway like this.

  190. What a cool giveaway! I will
    Have to think about what I want…

  191. Cool Giveaway! :) I just saw your spotlight on icandyhandmade and had to pop on over and check out your blog. :)

  192. I’m following your blog now. :)

  193. you are an inspiration!

  194. I was just looking at the instructions for the box pleat skirt last night! Hopefully I’ll get the “pro” to make it instead :)

  195. I would love anything… but I probably would pick some sort of top.

  196. I am a follower

  197. I think I just looked at your entire blog. I don’t know what I’d want, but I love the midi circle skirt and I love this top too. http://cottonandcurls.blogspot.com/2011/01/day-22-oversized-plaid.html


  198. also a follower.

  199. Wow! What a great day to find your blog…and how incredibly generous of you!

    I think the pocketed polka dot skirt is fabulous.

    Thanks for the chance! :)

  200. I’m a new {SUPER PUMPED} follower.

  201. What a great giveaway! I can’t say which thing I would pick if I won yet…you have so many great projects, that’s a decision that will take some SERIOUS thought!

  202. I am a follower!

  203. I would love the circle skirt! Not sure what color, though.

  204. I’m also a follower!

  205. And I tweeted it! (@mixedupbek)

  206. What an amazing giveaway!!! So unique! I dont know what I would choose but all the pics are lovely!

  207. Also, I follow on bloglovin

  208. a C&C Follower here :)

    Loved and still Love the loose fitted (striped) knit top and bow skirt!!!

  209. I would love to wear anything that you make but I think i would go for a skirt.

  210. I’m a follower, and loving it!

  211. I love this giveaway!! I would love a hot pink skirt, possible similar to the circle one you made for the other winner!

  212. I follow you in my Google reader (I hope that counts!)

  213. Great giveaway! I am a follower :)

    I think I would have to go with a nice long pleated skirt like this: http://www.friendscafe.org/gallery/data/1711/medium/517_254.JPG) or a skirt like this (on rachel): http://friends.tktv.net/Episodes10/images/16.3.jpg

  214. gfc follower, too!

  215. I dig the laid back look so I’ve got to go with the striped shirt with the nifty button up on the sides!! And…yes I’m a follower :) Keep up the awesome sewing skills lady

  216. Love the polka dot skirt.

  217. I am a follower!

  218. I just discovered your blog and it’s just lovely!

  219. I’m following you

  220. LOVE your adjustable (without hemming!) shirt. Oh my gosh, stripes are awesome.

    I just became a follower!

    Chelsea Anne

  221. Love the box pleated skirt!

  222. I follow your blog!

  223. Holy dang, how does one pick something? hmm… its hard, but i kinda love the grecian “kate middleton” dress you guest posted :)

  224. I would love the peachy skirt on the top right!!

  225. Ive also “liked” you on facebook 😀

  226. I am a new follower of yours as well! :):)

  227. This is so neat! I just bought some cute fabric to make a skirt but I have never sewn before! Im afraid to ruin it! Could you make it into a skirt for me?
    Also, if you ever want any fabrics, I work in the fabric section at wal-mart and we always have awesome sales so I can send you fabric if you ever need any :) Just let me know!

  228. WOW! what an amazing giveaway!
    I think I would send you a dress to refashion for me! I love all your tutorials and I always buy things with the intention of refashioning them and never get around to it! and I think you could do so much more than I could!!

  229. I also follow you!

  230. I love all your clothes! I would love a box pleat skirt!

  231. Um this is so generous! I love the striped skirt in the post (top 2nd from left). But I also love all the tops and shirts you make/refashion…

  232. I also follow you on bloglovin’

  233. I am in love with the little pencil skirts you make. It would be so perfect for this fall when school starts back and I have to be in the classroom. You’re very talented!


  234. does your yellow sundress count? ;] thanks for the giveaway

  235. I’m a follower!

  236. Oh man, not exactly sure what I’d pick, but it would probably be a skirt or dress because I’ve yet to tackle that on my own.
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  237. Follow you via GFC
    skklemm at gmail dot com

  238. i’d love the thin striped black and white skirt.

  239. I’ve never entered a give-away before but I’m OBSESSED with the bright blue skirt (top middle picture) please pick me!!!

  240. I’m a follower!

  241. Oh! Officially a follower!

  242. I want a giveaway! my fav is the striped skirt

  243. I’d love a plaid shirt like the one you refashioned!

  244. I am a follower!

  245. definitely a paper bag waisted skirt! SO CUTE :)

  246. and i’m definitely a follower :):)

  247. I would want to refashion one of my dad’s old white button up shirts. He always wore them around and left a bunch of them when he died. I would love the waist nipped in a bit and the bottom shortened.
    OR I would love to have a skirt like your white one with red polka dots and the tie around the waist. It’s such a fun skirt that can be paired with so much.

  248. i would like you to stop vacationing everywhere but washington and bring beck :] i love you, ps this is my entry

  249. I would definitely choose a box pleat skirt :)

  250. I would love anything made by you for ME! I would especially like it if you could make me a maxi skirt like your high waisted red thrifted one!

  251. I follow you!

  252. posted on facebook

  253. Came across your blog from a pinterest pin and I’m in LOVE!!! Thank you for posting these wonderful ideas. I have thought of doing things like this but I’m very afraid. It’s totally possible!! AWESOME!!

    I would choose to fix some too short skirts or ask for a longer knee length skirt so when I sit my long legs don’t show everyone things that people shouldn’t see. :) Normal knee length skirts are still too short for things. What’s a girl to do?!

  254. I have been in love with the gorgeous peach skirt you did ever since you posted it (first picture in this post). So that would be my pick. :)

  255. Love the polka dot skirt or the loose fit knit top. Super cute!

  256. AND I am a follower :)

  257. Tweeted: klynnanj

  258. I am a follower! :)

  259. how about making something for a preggers cousin or something like that! cause i am a follower!

  260. I love your skirts but I am not one for wearing skirts I think I own one basic black one and I have not woren it since 2007. So I would choose your striped refashioned shirt because I love how simple and cute it is. The fact that you can still wear long or just button the straps and where it short. Plus for some reason lately stripes make me very happy lately.

  261. That black and gray striped shirt is fantastic, would love that one, although with black buttons instead of gold {;0) Thank you!

  262. I am a follower, thank you for the chance!

  263. I love them all… like really love them all.

  264. And I’m a public follower :)

  265. AND I tweeted it. Bah!!! I really want this one :)

  266. i would love to have a new dress… especially for engagement pictures!

  267. i am a follower!

  268. I posted this on facebook!

  269. I became a follower!

  270. i tweeted! @talleyclardy =)

  271. i like the pale yellow shirt with gathered sleeves!

  272. i follow your super cute website!

  273. i posted on facebook about the giveaway.

  274. i also tweeted about the giveaway.

  275. I’d love something like that first pink skirt, but in a floral or the new yellow gathered dress!!!

  276. posted on fb!

  277. I love the cute flowy skirt. The first one :)

  278. I am a follower of course!!

  279. I adore the new dress, the draped one. That in some color like , say, green…that would be perfect for me!

  280. You are ultra talented! I would LOVE the black skirt with the rear ruffles, perfect for Friday flare.

  281. I became a follower, posted it on FB, and liked your page on FB. I would love the first circle skirt or the polka dot with pockets.

  282. I love the ruffle bottom skirt. I do also love it when you refashion your brothers old t-shirts!!:)

  283. Oh my goodness! I love your work!! I hope I win!

  284. Also I am a follower!!

  285. Ahh amazing giveaway! I’d choose a skirt similar to the light peach one or the aqua one. I love both of those silhouettes!

  286. I’m a (very devoted) follower :)

  287. I’m in love with the box pleated skirt!

  288. Love all your stuff so it will be hard to choose just one:) my email is jeana0213@yahoo

  289. I would love to win, if I won I would probably choose the polk-a-dot skirt or the box pleat skirt. I am amazed how you can take anything and come up with a refashion.

  290. Im loving the striped shirt and the light blue skirt, both sooo cute

  291. yes please, i follow you on facebook 😉 I need a skirt for a wedding on august 12…

  292. Tweeted it too. @val_holla love the new dress. :)

  293. I will take anything! I love dresses and skirts tho :)

  294. i’m a follower!

  295. oh my, I LOVE your style! I’ve been learning to sew and refashion by following your blog. (this is a good thing, because I’ve been occupying my time sewing since i lost my job, and refashioning has been saving me money!!)

    don’t know what I would pick but everything you make is awesome. thanks for the inspiration!

  296. I know everyone’s said it, but it’s so true — how can we pick just one to love?? Right now the yellow Grecian Dress is tickling my fancy :) I’m signing up as a follower, too!

  297. Great giveaway. Love that striped shirt.

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  298. I follow you

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  299. I LOVE your blog. That knit midi circle skirt is so lovely. I’m pretty sure I would love that in ant color!

  300. I absolutely LOVE the top and skirt you made from the muumuu! Talk about a transformation!

  301. Your stuff is amazing and inspirational! I would love, love, love, a bright red paper bag skirt. So adorable!

    Amy W – amym710@yahoo.com

  302. Also, I am a follower!

    Amy W – amym710@yahoo.com

  303. Love, love love your blog! I would pick the box pleat skirt.

  304. I am seriously so impressed Liz! I would love the blue skirt in the middle on top. You are so talented! And I signed up to follow your blog..which I am excited about so I can know when you update it!

  305. I’m a follower and I would be happy with any of your creations. But I do really like one of your skirts but I can’t find it to tell you the name of it! But pick me and we’ll figure it out.

  306. I just shared your giveaway on facebook! By the way you are GORGEOUS! And so inspiring thanks!

  307. oh my goodness! I love EVERYTHING you do so I have no idea how I would choose! and it would be nice to finally have something that really fits my hips AND waist!

  308. Also, I’m a follower

  309. also 2, I tweeted about this, which I would have done even without the extra entry, because it is just that amazing!

  310. and, I posted it on twitter. So pretty much I be your groupy.

  311. this is an awesome contest idea! i love the shape/fabric of that red polka dot skirt!

  312. oh yeah! and i am a follower!

  313. What an awesome giveaway!! I love the box pleated skirt you made for Amy.

  314. I am a follower!

  315. I am a new follower! I blogged about your blog not too long ago :)

  316. i tweeted this!

  317. I facebooked this!

  318. I love everything you make but I would probably choose the skirt in the first picture up top. I guess its the circle skirt but it looks for full than that. I would have to request an elastic waist though as my pregnant belly wouldnt stand for anything else! :) haha

  319. I love the polka dot red…I love it. I post this give away of my facebook

  320. Oooh! I would love a circle skirt in a really vibrant classic red or navy!!! Fab giveaway :) thanks! xx

  321. I definitely would love a cute skirt…which one will be decided soon!!! Wish me luck!

  322. I would love the gathered grecian dress. It is SO lovely.

  323. Shrieking out! I absolutely LOVE this giveaway… right up my alley doing things that are personal :) I’d definitely choose the vest you made (top right) photo. Even if I don’t win… can I pay for one? Tee hee!

  324. I would love to win, but I’m afraid I would be unable to choose just one item.

  325. I am a follower.. You are an inspiration!!

  326. i adore ALL of your refashions, and they’ve inspired me to try some of my own…unfortunately, i’m no good with measuring and have only been successful at one or two of my attempts.
    if i had to select just one, i think it would have to be “seeing stripes” that you did back in january. as a teacher i’m always trying to find things that are sophisticated, yet fun to wear to work, and that skirt is PERFECT!

  327. love the striped shirt! (follow) : )

  328. Exciting!! I love the polka dot skirt!! Cute stuff!!

  329. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  330. ps i follow and i blogged. does that get me 2 extra entries…i submit that it does!

  331. I love the striped skirt and yellow sundress you just made….but I would have a hard time deciding what I wanted made!!

  332. I love all your stuff. I am finding so much cool stuff to do that can make my close like new again! I especially love the top with the vest.
    I am also a follower.

  333. I would love one of your pin-tucked skirts (like the one in the middle in aquamarine)–so cute!


  334. box pleated skirt if you please! Also i’d love for you to find a usb port in our brains to transfer your skills to me. It looks so easy when you do it and then i i turn handicap when i try :/

  335. and i follow!

    (cute giveaway btw)

  336. also want to hear something pathetic? once i made a pillow to giveaway on my blog and i had to practically force people to enter. That is how skilled i am at sewing 😉 HA!

    i tweeted.

  337. I absolutely love your newest refashion – the Grecian dress! If I can’t do that one I’d choose a gathered sleeve top, skinny jeans, or the cute flowy T-shirt. You’re so amazingly talented with your sewing skills!
    diva2129 at yahoo dot com

  338. follow your blog!
    diva2129 at yahoo dot com

  339. FBed it here: https://www.facebook.com/ScrappyGifts and on my profile – ScrappyDiva Maryanne

  340. I’m a new follower (yeah!) & would love a new top. I fancy the shortened nautical style shirt, which would be perfect for Fall (and every other season of the year!).

  341. I have just discovered your blog and learned what has been missing from my life! Please enter me into your contest!!!

  342. Follower on fb, blogger, and your own personal photographer… whom you should call soon. ;] <3

  343. The skirt with the ruffles in the back. I have been swooning over it since I first saw it.

  344. I have this awesome dress from the 80’s that was once my moms. i love the print but it needs to be updated! :)

  345. I’m a brand-spankin’ new follower! :)

  346. I would appreciate any of the designs, but I LOVE the polka dot pocket skirt! Adorable!!

  347. I love the little sailor inspired skirt with the ruffles on the back- too cute!

  348. I’m your follower (Erin G.) 😉 that sounds funny!

  349. I just facebook posted! I would LOVE to win! 😛

  350. I love all your stuff, crossing my fingers hehe :)
    I’ve been a follower for a while too! I would love to win either a pair of glitter shoes or a paper bag skirt!


  351. So many to choose from. They are all cute.. If I won I would choose, the vest.. or the circle skirt, or the striped shirt…. AAAHHH so many cute things. Seriously I love the way you repurpose clothes…

  352. I am a follower now =)

  353. I just gave birth to my second son a month ago and this is just the thing I need to inspire to get out of my pj’s everyday! Pick me, pajama doomed new mom!

  354. i just love the Pink Applique Cardi you made!!!

  355. i just started reading your blog, and I absolutely love it!! I also live in Provo, so it is so fun to see familiar places in your pictures!

  356. I am a follower :)

  357. I tweeted this :)

  358. I shared this giveaway on facebook :)

  359. I tweeted this giveaway. If I win, I would like a circle skirt.

  360. What a fun giveaway! I’m not sure what I would pick…but hope I win!

  361. I would love the men’s shirt refashion. Thanks.

  362. They all look amazing but I’d love a skirt it’s to hard for me to decide which one at the moment:)

  363. I’m a follower

  364. I love the back pencil skirt with the cute kick! Pick me! 😀

  365. Following now!

  366. I would have a really hard time trying to decide if I win; they are all so cute!

  367. I’m following too

  368. I’m obsessed with every single skirt!! I just checked out your blog after you commented on mine and I’m hooked! I would looooove to win this giveaway :)

  369. I’m a follower :)

  370. I would love anything! but I love your skirts!

  371. Posted it on facebook

  372. I am following. I love your blog :)

  373. I am really inspired by the refasions you have done. I think I would want a skirt :)

  374. I follow your blog

  375. I have been dying for one of those box pleated skirts! I hope I win :)

  376. I wouldn’t know what to pick – you are a great seamstress! What a nice giveaway! I would love some kind of ruffly t-shirt or something! Thanks! :)

  377. I am in love with the pale pink circle skirt!

  378. And I follow you on bloglovin!

  379. I am seriously amazed by your never-ending ability to take dresses, pants, shirts, etc and turn them into beautiful, tailored pieces of art! I love ALL of your creations, but I’m especially amazed at your ability to turn dresses into well, EVERYTHING! What an amazing gift!

  380. I love the blue high waisted skirt! (3rd one top row) (:

  381. I am a follower!

  382. I Facebooked it!

  383. I also blogged about it here… http://elizabethkathleenelisalde.blogspot.com/

  384. This is so neat! I’d actually have a combo, if I could. The design of the red polka dot skirt but black and white stripes and longer. Get all that!?!? 😉


    msred5 at gmail dot com

  385. Hm, hard to choose, perhaps that yellow dress you recently posted or the flowy top you just posted today…. I’d have to get back to you.

  386. Also, I follow your blog :)

  387. I can’t say this would be my final choice, but it’s one of the creations I love!


  388. I’d love to win a custom piece from you! I love your blog, it helps me think of ways to reuse the clothes around me. I have been dreaming of a hot pink midi-stretchy-pencil skirt like your striped one!

  389. I’m a follower too!

  390. HEY its mikayla from raspberrylemonadecrafts.com. i would love to win your giveaway! i love the first pink skirt and would be overjoyed if i won:)

  391. This may be an eleventh hour post, but I would love to win the stand and deliver skirt! It’s such an awesome skirt!

  392. I love the strip tab shirt! I went to the thrift store to try and find a gem to alter it like your but I had no luck. I did find a top that is my favorite color but I don’t know what to do with it…maybe you can refashion it for me 😀

  393. I love you so much I check your blog every day!! I love all the clothes you do, your so talented. I LOVE the first skirt on the top row that is like blush. If I win (which is not likely) I would care about the fabric I would just be so thank full that your making me something. I love every thing about you
    Ashley June
    (p.s. I love your baby boy)
    (p.p.s. I’m Mormon and you make every thing so modest<3)

  394. What a great personal giveaway!! how awesome!! i would love to win! i would want some kind of shirt or dress. not sure which kind i would choose.. you make so many great ones!

  395. i am now a follower!

  396. just shared on Facebook!

  397. The polka dot pocket skirt!!! Your blog is amazing :)

  398. I would love to have the circular pink skirt =)


  399. I wish I had your skills! So many ideas that I don’t know how to execute. I would love this giveaway!

  400. I found this through Pinterest and and I love it! Such cute ideas!

  401. i loved the grecian kate middleton dress! especially the belt. the color is gorgeous!

  402. Not sure that it’s possible to pick one or two or three because they’re all darling. I would love love love the skirt in the first picture or at least learn to make one one day!

  403. I follow you :)

  404. all your clothes are just darling, how could i just pick one?! i’d maybe want a floral top or something. …or a skirt?! who knows!

  405. I love love love that red polka dot skirt!

  406. i loooooove the bow skirt from february 13th! i just found your blog today and im in love with it :)

  407. im officially “following” you now!

  408. I would LOVE to have something made from you! you do great!!!

    i follow you!


  409. I have been wanting some pants like your swapped pants that you made into high waisted and pleated in your first week day of granny week. Love them!

  410. You are amazing. I found your blog through Kendi Everday’s blog. I think i’d love a skirt similar to the pink one in the upper left corner, but about ankle length in maybe a chiffon fabric.

    like: http://thelindog.tumblr.com/post/6560053683

  411. A good friend of mine from college sent me here after a coffee conversation we had about refashioning old dresses. Everything on here is just so tasteful and fun, but I think my favorite so far would have to be the Black Bow skirt that you paired with the absolutely adorable yellow-ish ruffle blouse. That bow? Wonderful in every way.

  412. Wow, you are awesome! I wish I had that creativity and the sewing skills!

  413. Ooooo, I LOVE the peachy longer skirt. or the striped one. I am a follower of your blog!

  414. i just discovered your blog and i`m so in love. you`re amazing, i always wanted to sew, but haven`t had the chance yet, seeing your blog i`m determined that i will learn, like i said pure love. i can safely say your an inspiration. anything in coral would do it for me.
    keep on rocking 😉

  415. i just became a follower 😉

  416. just discovered your blog last night, and i am IN LOVE!!!
    im in australia though, so not sure if im allowed to enter your giveaway?

  417. i want in!

  418. I want the yellow Grecian dress and the pink pencil skirt so bad.. lol

  419. I’m a follower. I love all of your sewing items. I like the skirt that is of a turquoise color. :)

  420. I really enjoy your blog and seeing the things you make! Ican’t decide, but for now I guess I’ll just say that the peach skirt is my favorite!