+ From my man’s closet

I’m here in California having a very lazy, lazy time…not wearing makeup, wearing my hair up in a messy bun, wearing a sweatshirt and old jeans, wearing non matching socks and a pari of black and white chucks. I’ve had no desire to get pretty and take pictures. Maybe I will tomorrow. Maybe. 
So, I will leave you with a project I finished right before I left. It was made from my husband’s old white church shirt. He was about to dump it in the trash….and of course said “are you crazy, I have a refashion blog!”. Then we both realized that in deed, I was the crazy one….hoarding ill-fitting, old clothes. Eh, whatever.
Anywho, I thirfted this skirt with Selina and Sophie from sister’s 4 say more is more among a few other things to be seen. They are hilarious, funny, super sweet…I WANT TO BE THEIR SISTER! How about sisters 5 say more is more?
top: husband’s refashioned     skirt, shoes, belt: thrifted    necklace: mom’s
white button down shirt
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
marking pen or chalk

1. place a shirt you like the shape of down onto the top, then cut it out with a few inches to spare for seam allowance.
2. cut out a neckline
3. hem the neckline 
4. hem the bottom
5. cuff the cap sleeves and add a few straight stitches here and there to secure it


  1. It looks so nice and crisp with that pretty red skirt.

  2. What a great refashion, love it!

  3. That skirt is so super hot! You totally made it so summer fabulous! Oh and didn’t you hear? we adopted a 5th sister last week… Her name is liz, and we adopted her mom too.

  4. Can I please be an AMAZING-SO-GOOD-AT-SEWING-IWISHICOULDCOMEUPWITHBETTERADJECTIVES-MACHINE like you??????? I love what you did to this top!!!!!! And I love it with the skirt. tooooo cute! Seriosuly.

  5. adorable!

  6. brilliant! It’s a really neat idea.


  7. LOVE this shirt!! I wish I could get my cap sleeves to look as good as yours. :)

  8. This is the most genius thing I’ve ever seen.
    Now which shirts can I steal from my husband’s closet….?

  9. this si so cool, I have to try this thanks

  10. You are a freaking genius. I have 3 button ups from my hub’s closet just waiting for me to do SOMETHING with them but I was lacking inspiration. I’ll be trying this.

    Freckles in April

  11. it looks great! you make it seem sooooo easy I’ll have to give it a try with my bf’s shirt 😉

  12. i wish i could make this… could you just do it for me? :)

  13. you are so amazing it’s ridonkulus :)

  14. Looks like I’m going to take a swim in My Fiance’s closet this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration. That red skirt is smashing!!!


  15. Love Love Love your style! I wish sewing was as easy for me as you make it seem!


  16. lizzie! i did it! i think you did it better though…hahaha check out my take on your amazing idea at colacolaisland.blogspot.com. i hope its up to scruff :)

    all of the best,
    nicole m.


  17. I love what you did here. I am definitely going to try this!


  18. Nice collection! Some more funny t-shirts over at

    Cool shirts

  19. I did it!

  20. Your lazy day made you something absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes that when a rare creation comes into existence.

  21. I’m a total ameteur ans so very inspired by your creativity. LOVE LOVE. Do you have a tutorial for that skirt?

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