+ Granny Chic Week Day 3: drab jumper to pleated jean midi

I loved how this turned out…for the longest time I was trying to keep it a dress, but then gave up and made it into a skirt with buttons down the middle. I’m so happy with it! It reminds me a TON of my box pleat paperbag skirt. All I did was take out a few pleats and put some buttons in the front. I’m thinking about shortening it and changing the buttons to a different color. We will see.

And look at my sad sunglasses, the screw fell out. Hopefully someone can fix them! Love those $5 babies.

top: refashioned   skirt: thrifted/refashioned  shoes: thrifted   necklace: great grandma’s   sunglasses: f21


  1. I like the skirt the way it turned out but it would be fun to see it even in a different version. Your whole outfit is gorgeous!

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted – Three Ways

  2. LOVE what you did with this. I think this is the coolest transformation/refashion you’ve done yet. So inspiring, Liz – I have a stack of clothes that I have waiting to be refashioned, just gotta get the guts to try it.

  3. A lot of my Target sunglasses break like that. If you buy a $1-2 eyeglass repair kit at Walgreens it comes with tiny screws and a tiny screwdriver. After you screw it in, seal it with a drop of clear nail polish so it doesn’t come out again. I hope that works because those are cute!

  4. Love the pleats!

  5. I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE it!
    I’m feeling inspired to dust off my sewing machine! It will likely have to wait until the fall when I”m not trying to get as much outdoor time as possible :)

  6. ooh i love this outfit. i love the buttons on the skirt and i love that shirt too. so summery cute! great job :]

  7. Oh my gosh, your before picture cracks me up! I really like the buttons down the front of the skirt.

  8. That before picture is hilarious! Thanks for making me smile :)

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  13. It’s solid and fits everything.

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  16. Love repurposing clothing that is way too big, but good use-able fabric! The skirt turned out great and looks brand new. Great job!

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