+ Lumberjack shirt in the redwood forest

Ever since I saw my bestie Meeshball in a lumberjack top, I was in love and looked for one to refashion ever since. I found this one at a garage sale last weekend for a buck….score! Vintage, oversized, and a beaut. snatched it right up and thought of how perfect it would be perfect for Gualala’s 60 degree weather and lush redwood forest. I love how it turned out. I guess I say that with all my refashions. Eh, who cares.
I’m leaving Gualala tonight for San Francisco i.e. I will actually have to care about how I look, don’t want to scare anyone.
oversized button up
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
marking pen or chalk


1. cut the bottom however you like ( I like the round in front and back look) and sleeves (if you want)
2. mark and pin how far in you want to take it in
3. sew
4. cut (and serge if you want to prevent fraying, if you don’t have a serger, then use a zig zag stitch!)
4. hem the bottom and the sleeves. Done!


  1. oh awesome!

  2. Love this!!!! Heading to a city-wide yardsale tomorrow – will definitely be on the lookout for a shirt like this to re-do.

  3. Great job! I bought one VERY similar last fall and wore it in the 30/30 challenge I did earlier this year. You can check it out here:

  4. I’m so inspired by all your refashions! Keep it up! Also, what is the secret to your makeup/hair routine? I am so envious of both!

  5. you always make your refashion look so simple and easy. And they always turn out great. HAve a wonderful trip to SF.


  6. i love your refashions! so cute

  7. sooo cute! today my boyfriend took me thrifting on a date today, isnt he the best?!? i got lots of stuff to refashion! super excited!!!

  8. Gorgeous! I bought a bunch of men’s loose plaid shirts at the thrift store so I could cover up in my new outdoors job… but I think at the end of the summer I’ll use this technique on any remaining so I can keep wearing them in the fall! Thanks!!

  9. I am loving ALL your stuff. your refashions are so simple and I love that!

  10. i love how you do all this!i love the button up shirts : ) brookepassion22.blogspot.com

  11. I love this and I love your blog! I need to figure out how to sew! I’d never run out of things to wear : ) Thanks for sharing your creative ideas! It’s so inspirational!

  12. Excellent…
    Hard to get a nice fit. {small~ish waist, big~ish bust} A man’s shirt, altered, would do the trick. Any print or fabric…
    Thank you!

  13. Hi, This is my first time on your Blog/site!!! I found you the way I usu always find my ultimately fave DIY/Amazing women sites….from a link on another amazing site!!!

    The flannel button down shirts are actually becoming on trend again, but refashioned in a more shapely form-fitting aka feminine way!!! So this tutorial is PERFECT!!! The only thing is they’re usu longer and more tunic-like so you can wear a cami under and a belt to accentuate your waist…sooooo my question is- to keep it longer would one just not cut the bottom off, or would that throw off all the proportions? What would you do to keep it fitted, but still long enough to go just about to the bottom of your hiney? lol!
    Thanks for such a wonderful site and thanks if you are able to get to answer my query!
    Danette : )

  14. To D’Gypsy

    I would just take in the sides first and then cut the hem off how you would like, so in your case not really much off the back, and taper it up :)

  15. Oh, my! I LOVE flannel shirts but female shirts always seem too short in the sleeves. I’m totally stealing my husband’s unused flannel and doing this- just in time for fall too! Thank you I’m stumbled upon your website and will be an avid follower from now on!

  16. I seriously love your blog.. Great colors & theme. Did you develop this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to create my very own website and want to know where you got this from or just what the theme is called. Thank you!