+ Marilyn Monroe moment

Was it just me or was today super windy/rainy/crappy outside?! Hence the almost everything reveled pictures below. I seriously had to stop and look around and make sure no one just saw my under roes. My mom is going to hate this post because it looks like a miniskirt….I swear mom, it was very windy….it is NOT A MINISKIRT. So in the original photo I took it in a tiny bit, but decided to change it completely up. So, I took 5 inches out from the sides and cropped it and I LOVE it to death. It goes with everything. And what…$3? Awesome. Tutorial here.
Anyway…a little update about Danny…he has mentally and physically recovered from exhaustion, nausea, and dehydration and now all I want to do it smother him to death. I was clingy before, and now I’m VERY clingy. Poor Danny. 
Thanks for all the kind comments….you guys are seriously so sweet and comforting. I love you guys!
top: thrifted/refashioned   skirt: Quincee’s Boutique   purse: thrifted   necklace: mom’s    ring: f21   shoes: qupid

By the way – quincee’s boutique is moving out of Provo to a cute house in American Fork…just spreading the word.


  1. The color of that skirt is amazing and the shoes are KILLER! And I’d be smothering my husband to death to, so smother him good!

    Rebecca {hearts} Salt Lake City

  2. I love that skirt!! its such a great color!!
    Glad to hear your husbands ok!



  3. love the turquoise ring with the yellow!

  4. fantastic!! love everything about it, I especially love the ring with the yellow skirt!! girl, you have some serious skill!!

  5. Turquoise ring and yellow skirt and crisp button up shirt? swoon. I also loove those shoes :) So glad little man is better.

  6. Wow! That skirt is the most gorgeous colour!! You have GREAT style =) x

  7. Nice skirt and lovely tutorial!
    I’m glad your Danny is better now! :)))

  8. I read your previous post, but couldn’t comment at the time. I’m glad your husband’s back safely. I have no idea how I’d react if something like that happened to me, but you seemed to have handled it fairly well. Hope you never go through that again!

  9. loving the yellow skirt!. I just awarded you on my blog and would love for you to check it out and continue the fun! thanks for the great posts

  10. gorgeous yellow!!

  11. Is that a Dooney and Burke bag? Love! The yellow skirt is precious.


  12. I am crazy about the yellow skirt! <3 You are the ultimate babe!

    Lost in the Haze

  13. I am in love with your D&B – mine is almost exactly the same, but black instead of white. when I got it I never thought I would use it – it’s been 9 months of using it every single day. beautiful outfit!

    x. jill

  14. Very adorable! And I love your blog (I love thrifting…wish I had a bit more sewing skills though)…I’m a 1st timer and I will be back : )

  15. I tried a refashion last night – a dress I never wear into a skirt – and it worked great!! Thanks so much for the tutorials, and the inspiration!

  16. just found your blog. LOVE it.

    yellow + turquoise = total win.

    so glad danny is okay! how terrifying…

  17. oh my goodness this whole combo is so much fun. That color yellow is a favorite of mine, and those shoes are to die for! Have a lovely weekend!

  18. this is just perfect, i love your posts

  19. Love this purse! It recently inspired me to get one of my own. I wrote about it (and linked your post) here: http://hemsandherbs.com/2011/09/17/lucky-duck/

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