+ Today’s awesome Granny Chic Week spotlight:

Is from Sisterhood of the Craftypants! Look how cute these have turned out! Aren’t these girls amazing?! Thanks for sending it in!
Can you believe she refashioned her wedding dress?!?!?!?! Now that is one hardcore refashionista.
Send some granny chic refashion or outfits in at cottonandcurls@gmail.com


  1. Wow! It´s really great :)

  2. wow! I am always amazed at the talent people have with a sewing machine!

  3. they are amazing! <3

  4. LOVE the idea of granny refashion. I’ve kinda always had a thing for granny style anyways!

  5. WoW, those are all really great! If only I were as creative….

  6. Oh shoot! These are awesome!


  7. That wedding dress is amazing! It’s gorgeous!

  8. I want in on this challenge!

  9. i totally love them!!! plus you know we love to find sister bloggers…. and add cool bloggers as additional sisters….


  10. very creative refashion links. Hah..don’t think I have anything “granny: enough to refashion