+ Yellow Gathered Grecian Dress

With this dress I decided to go with a light knit in yellow which means, no need for hemming (knit doesn’t fray much) and it is quite flowy and comfortable. After you have finished making this super easy dress, just slap a cute belt on it and you’re ready to rock and roll!
lightweight flowy fabric, knit or polyester
sewing machine or needle and thread
flexible measuring tape
marking pen or chalk

1. follow the cutting instructions on the picture
2. gather the neckline
3. gather the sleeves by gathering from the end of the sleeve to the neckline.
4. repeat with under the arm as well
5.  At the end…you don’t need to hem. That simple! Just slap on a belt.


  1. Oh. How perfectly lovely.

  2. This looks beautiful on you. Great job figuring out the proportions on this.

  3. It’s gorgeous!

  4. haha…looks so simple and the end product is lovely!


  5. Oh so pretty! Yellow is a great color on you.

  6. About how much fabric did you use for this?

  7. love this color and the dress is so flowy! perfect.

  8. i signed up for the giveaway and picked the midi skirt but now i want this!!!!! i love it!

  9. Lovely!

  10. Pretty!
    It makes me think about those sunny days.

  11. I found your blog today and I must say that it’s amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful tutorials with us.

    P.S. You are very pretty:D

    Best wishes from Austria,
    Dana – fashion.onblog.at

  12. Simply beautiful!! I agree with Raya…it does make you think of the sunny days! The dress is gorgeous on you, I can only hope it looks half as that well on me. 😉 Thank you for sharing!

  13. So beautiful!!

  14. I am an artist working in fibres for wearable art and this easy pattern is genius. Love it! Thank you for sharing your talent

  15. Very pretty. About how many yards of fabric would i need to make this dress?

  16. I love this dress, and want to make one soon,,,, but I am wondering how far from the edge (the first picture) do you cut. it says fold once then twice not sure about that either. Please help me.

    Cheers A

  17. How much fabric would you use for this dress? And where it says cut here in the first picture how many inches in do you cut from the salvage? Thank you

  18. It looks to me like you can figure out how much fabric by measuring from your top shoulder seam to where you want the dress to hit you on your leg or a little longer. If it is longer than you want it when you are done, if you choose the right fabric, hemming isn’t necessary.

    I don’t understand what the fold once then twice means either. Hope an explanation comes forward.

  19. It was the amount of fabric to go around you that I was wondering about in my comment above, as how far from the salvage. the lengh i do understand.

    Cheers A

  20. Sure wish the instructions were clearer

  21. I agree it is beautiful and I would love to make one, but the instructions seem to be missing some steps. I know when I was making beading patterns and instructions I had a friend read thru them and catch the small things that I had left out because to me they were natural, but to others it was a step that was missing.

  22. Instead of cutting off the salvages and wasting that fabric, I just sliced my 60″ fabric halfway between the salvages to make two 30″ wide pieces and then sewed them together to make a longer piece. Then I just used my new seam line to gather the shoulders, so there was no extra sewing. This method worked great to create a dress for a size 6, and it would probably work fine for a variety of sizes, if you just adjust the amount of gathering you do.

    I also used an initial neckline opening of 7 inches (when the fabric is folded in fourths) and then cut the front out slightly more once I’d tried it on.

    The step where you sew the side seams also seems to be missing from the tutorial.

  23. Oh how cute! And it would be school appropriate so I don’t need a cardigan

  24. could elastic be used instead of gathers?

  25. could elastic be used instead of gathers?

  26. Don’t you hate when you can leave a comment but it falls on deaf ears? Why have a comment section if you don’t respond? Just wondering.

    • I’m sorry…this one want so old, I haven’t checked it out in a very long time. I will make a new tutorial for it! I’m sorry I wasn’t available.

  27. If anyone has made this and it turned out well, would you post clearer instructions that worked for you?

    • I’m sorry…this one want so old, I haven’t checked it out in a very long time. I will make a new tutorial for it! I’m sorry I wasn’t available.

  28. The print is so very small on any of the pictures, I can’t read it. sorry. The dress is beautiful.

  29. I love this dress. I would love to make it but their are 2 things.
    I don’t know ho much fabric I need , I ‘m not very good at guessing.
    And the other is, I’m Fat and Old. That said I still want it.
    So What do you all think??
    I will be glad to tell you how old I’m and How fat I’m,
    If you need to know so you can give your honest Opinion .
    Thank you Bev in Ohio

  30. when made this i only used about a yard and a half of fabric and had a little bit left for my next project.

  31. TootsNYC says:

    As for how much fabric–typically when gathering fabric, you use twice as much as the snug fit would be.

    and if you look at the pic where she’s pulled the ungathered fabric out at the neck, it looks like the part that sticks out beyond the “body” is the same amount as that *on* the body. So, if you measure smoothly around your body, then double that amount, you should have enough fabric.

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    • jeanette says:

      I also am most frustrated with the lack of directions for this dress. But really pissed off with this self absorbed, self promoting Sheryl. Not the proper venue….reeks of desperation.

  33. Do you have an updated, more detailed tutorial for this? It’s so beautiful and I’d love to make it for my daughter.

  34. Cècile says:

    SOOO pretty! That is a great color on you. Can’t wait to try the pattern out!
    How much fabric did you use?

  35. debra steinman (@debraraes) says:

    It’s a beautiful dress, I’ll be making it for my teenagers (who hate flowers, hearts, and ‘bling’ …oh my). This they’ll like.

  36. Brandie Adams says:

    I’m having a country chic wedding in march and this is the dress i want for my bridesmaids…just in baby blue with a white waist band/belt that can be tied in a bow. if anyone can make this for me i would be so grateful.

  37. WhaleLover says:

    awesome… how much fabric do you need?

  38. As an ACCOMPLISHED seamstress, I can follow these directions, but most people would have difficulty with this. There are no directions for how long to make it, how much fabric it will require, or how wide to make it. And it is confusing as to WHERE one should gather around the sleeves. It is a gorgeous dress, and I will probably make one at some point, but more details would help your readers immensely!

  39. What does the first picture say? The words are too small and impossible to read.

  40. Great tutorial

  41. Carla D. says:

    Love the dress on you, the dress is a wonderful style.
    I have no faults about your tutorial what so ever. If one sews, they should know about how much material a dress like this would take. I hope you keep your site going hon.
    From a 71 year young Great grandmother

  42. Cyndi S says:

    Love this!! Confused about the first section though. Would you please clarify the folding technique?

  43. Stephanie F. says:

    I LOVE THIS DRESS!! Want to make it so bad but instructions a little unclear. Could ad some more details?

    • I can’t read the instructions they are to small to read when I pull it up. could you send them a little bigger.

  44. Stephanie F. says:

    I LOVE THIS DRESS!! Want to make it so bad but instructions a little unclear. Could ad some more details?

  45. Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It’s the little changes that produce the greatest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

  46. This dress is absolutely beautiful!
    I just wish you had better direction.
    I’ve been sewing over 40 years and
    have never seen direction or a
    Pattern so difficult in my life.
    I would buy a pattern for this dress
    But its not offered. Good luck!!!!!
    I’m done with this site!!!

  47. There is definately a lot to learn about this issue. I love all of the points you have made.


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