+ A day at the local farmer’s market

I finally made it to the local farmer’s market, finally! It took only a few months and a reminder from my bestie Meesh. And I was SO happy I did. Not only did Meesh and I score aweome crocheted bows and leather braided bracelets, but we chowed down on some peaches, tacos, and slurped up some mint limeade. Correction….Beck grabbed a small peach from the stand, took a bit then set it back. I noticed, tried to pay for it, the stand people didn’t care and let him finish it. That cute little stinker. 
There were some seriously awesome talent there though…I loved the bow tie necklaces and crocheted little bow hats. Regretting not buying those…I guess there is always next weekend. 


  1. Cute! love those bows!
    Looks like such a wonderful day

  2. Those bows are too cute!

  3. beck is too cute. glad you had a fun day :)

  4. Aww Beck is so cute! Those bows are adorable!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!
    I Can Be Many Things

  6. very cute!! I just got a bowtie necklace on etsy!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/hugasponge?ref=pr_shop maybe a new one will pop back up??