+ A few inches goes a long (short) way

This was the elastic knit circle midi I made a little bit ago, and it originally went past my knees by a few inches. So, all I did was chop of 3 inches and made it knee length…I’m thinking I may take off a few more. I didn’t even have to hem because it is a knit. SO easy (tutorial here). And thank you danny for taking pictures, my posts always look a little, well, a lot better.
I have SO many plans coming up!! I will say….get your refashioning ideas and projects going because I have BIG plans for you refashionistas. Starting in September my blog is going to be a little different partially because of a big change coming up and partially because of you guys. Are you ready?!
top: thrifted/refashioned   skirt: self-made   bracelt: thrifted   ring: f21  shoes: steve madden


  1. you look so beautiful!! im excited to find out what the big surprise is!

  2. You’re pregnant! I’m just guessin’…and you’ll start doing guest post/challenges? So excited to see the changes!
    You look beautiful btw, and love the picture of little man all shirtless! Ca-ute!

  3. Beautiful photos!! I love your skirt, can’t believe you made it, it looks bought!


  4. You have the loveliest hair- very Charlotte form SATC !

  5. Love it! :)


  6. I really love how the skirt turned out! These colors look great on you.

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  7. Cool! I’ve had lots of projects lately. I better get picture-snappin.

    I’m guessing you’re pregnant too. If so, awesome! If not, that’s cool too. :) Can’t wait to see the new C&C!

  8. I love the length right now! I love longer skirt though…favorite is ankle length. I love having to pick it up when I walk down the stairs. Makes me feel very Disney. 😉

  9. gorgeous photos…I love that your handsome little guy is always in your photos. :) I’m excited to hear the big plans and new changes :)

  10. Love the pictures and the shorter length. I wish you would just tell us what’s going on!

  11. love the pictures all together, especially the one of you and your little one walking together with your backs to the camera!! so sweet!!

  12. I am taking a guess on your “Big” secret… Is it a BIG move to the BIG APPLE????? =) You belong there, inspiration abounds there!!! As for Danny, he’ll have to find new hobbies that don’t involve mountains or deserts. Am I right? Do I win some homemade happiness =)

  13. Love your blog:)

  14. Excited for the changes coming.

  15. You have such a beautiful blog! Love this post!



  16. That skirt is such a beautiful color! :)

  17. Beautiful outfit and I love the color combination of your outfit! xoxoxoo

  18. Nice outfit, love that shirt & skirt toguether!

  19. This is such a great outfit! I am so glad i just discovered your blog! It is so inspiring!

  20. i just discovered your blog and wow!!! i normally don’t leave msgs, but i just had to say thank you for all the easy to follow alterations. I just started using the sewing machine and it’s really helpful and encouraging to see your alterations.

  21. I was wearing something like that today!! Yayyyyy!!

    That color looks delicious!

  22. you’re gorgeous! love your bracelets.

  23. you are flawless.

  24. you have such beautiful hair! I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog :)