+ Beck’s everyday summer attire

All I did is take in the waist of this skirt! So happy with it!  
Anywho, I have realized that in most of my Summer blog photos, Beck is either in diapers, only half way clothed, has disheveled hair, has it up in a messy pony tail, isn’t wearing shoes ever, and/or has a very dirty face. And I still think he is delectable.  :) Especially when he is trying to count on his fingers…”1…2…3…8…9″. Then I’ll ask him how old he is and he will say 9. Love it.  


  1. haha he’s too cute, even if he’s only half dressed :) and i love your outfit!

  2. super cute. My 3 year old is in the same uniform! But its summer and there are Popsicles and bugs and pools, and DIRT!!!

  3. jaja you are right, I think this is a sign, that he is having a lot of fun this summer:-)

  4. you are amazing- that skirt is incredible. and i love your bebe pictures – what a sweetie.

  5. You look cute! And if my girls aren’t messy/dirty/wet/sticky/all of the above then they aren’t having fun. :)

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted – Three Ways

  6. Great outfit! I am in love with your red shoes. Any chance you could tell me where you picked those up?

  7. LIzzie!
    I’m new to your blog; found it via Liz Stanley’s Say Yes to Hoboken. I love your work, your pictures, your ideas, and the way you express yourself. I just moved to Provo last year from the east coast; maybe I’ll see you and your cute fam at the farmer’s market or somewhere fun around town :)
    Thanks for putting your creations out for us to enjoy.

  8. Maybe it’s the hair, but I’m getting a total Heath-Ledger vibe from your little one. He’s gonna be a lady killer, for sure. Love the skirt! I’m dying for some pleats!!

    Rebecca {hearts} Salt Lake City

  9. All those things you described make him as adorable as he is…he is such a darling!

  10. Love your outfit :) white pleated skirt is gorgeous! and your boy is so adorable!! :)

    xo nav

  11. Gorgeous! :))


  12. Anything with pleats right now! that skirt rocks!!
    And the bebe….too presh.

  13. love the skirt, you have some amazing skill when it comes to adjusting things so they work for you, i love it!! and your little one is super super cute!!

  14. I only can dream of wearing a little pleated skirt like that, but with my hips, no way ! You look amazing !

  15. Sounds like my son who is currently wearing a dirty t-shirt (supper leftovers) and a diaper.
    Where do you find your shoes?? You seem to have a ton of the cutest shoes!

  16. Beautiful skirt!

  17. great skirt! (and pretty blouse too)
    and i’m so glad i’m not the only one who has a toddler wandering around in barely a diaper each and every day. :)

  18. Our sons are the same age, its a wonderful age isn’t it? You look great in your outfit today, love your red shoes

  19. Great work on your skirt…it looks fab! Your son is too cute. Who cares about a shirt, or pants for that matter…it’s summer, kids are free to run around sans clothing.