+ Bye Provo…hello China

It is time, this long awaited moment is here…….I’m packed up and officially moved to CHINA. Shanghai, China!! CRAZY, right!? The reason it took me so long to spill the beans was because I just wanted to make sure it was really going to happen and everything was going to work out. We are here because Danny got a job at a non profit organization where he will be doing, well, business related stuff until mid December. My goal here is to sew up a storm to keep me occupied and to keep my blog rolling. That is ALL I’m planning on doing. Projects, projects, projects! So get ready for that people!!!! I will have tons of time on my hands!
Yesterday was the long travel day…with a 2 year old.  21 hours to be exact. And shockingly he was great, there were a few crying rants, but for the most part he just played with his toys and was obedient. There is a 14 hour time difference here, so when we arrived it was 6:45 pm, where in Provo it was 4:45 am. So, it was tough for Beck (not me at all) to fall asleep, we had to bribe him with the promise of buying him a big bouncy ball. So from 4 to 6 he was wide awake playing around in the room while Danny and I took in a few more hours of much needed sleep. Then at 6:15 he woke us up by jumping on our faces then giving us kisses.
Today, we’re moving into our apartment that Danny picked out yesterday, he says that I might feel very uncomfortable there, so it is a little on the dingy side, but at least it is big and near the most happening places. Like the bund, this super pretty historical part of town, where these pictures were taken. If you can’t tell, it is super humid and hot, and at even 8, we were dying. Anyway, I’m hoping to hit up some fabric stores tomorrow and get a project going.

If you want, you can EMAIL me! I want to keep in touch! I would love to have some pen pals while I’m here. 


  1. How exciting, what a huge change and adventure!

  2. Okay… that is seriously exciting news.

    Congrats on the move and I will definitely be checking in to see all the amazing things you create. I can’t imaging the sources of inspiration you’ll be surrounded with too.

  3. Sending a MILLION congratulations your way. This is going to be such an amazing opportunity. …. and you know you’ve always got your blog buddies to keep you company, eagerly awaiting your precious posts!


  4. Holyyy COW. I didn’t believe you at first. What an adventure!

  5. WOW what a big move!! Very brave of you but can’t wait to hear of your new adventures and sewing projects. Do you even speak the language?! :)

  6. How cool!

  7. Awesome!! China is such a great place to live. Granted, I only went for vacation but it was still super cool! If you do any travelling, be sure to try the plum juice in Xi’an, it’s so delicious…

    Good luck!

  8. So awesome!!! You are going to love China! I went to Shanghai for business a few years ago and had the best time. So glad y’all made it there safely!

  9. Shanghai is one of my favorite cities in China! I lived two hours away for a few months while teaching English and you can get some really cheap fabric there. Good luck and enjoy!

  10. so exciting!!! i am glad beck was a good traveler…


  11. How exciting for you and your family. Can’t wait to read about your adventures. I’m Australian and would love to be your pen pal.

  12. holy cow! opportunity of a lifetime! dang, though! i was wanting to get together now that I’m back in utah. have fun!

  13. Oh my gosh, what a great adventure!!

  14. This is really cool. I always tell my husband… If we are going to move for work, take me somewhere adventurous. You guys are definitely on an adventure. I can’t wait to see what kind of fabric and goodies you find there.

  15. Um what?! How cool!! I never would’ve guessed that secret.

  16. HOLY CRAP, lady!!! Congratulations! That’ll be so great to explore a new country & craft up a storm.

    Sending warm wishes your way!!

  17. Oh my word, this is so exciting!! You guys are on a total adventure and I’m really happy for you. :) I can’t wait to read more.

  18. It was awesome to see you yesterday, and I’m pretty darn excited to see what projects you come up with in Shanghai…I also can’t wait to see the awesome locations you take the pictures at.

  19. What a great move! We moved from Australia to Singapore 4 months ago and we love it. China is an amazing place. I hope you enjoy your time there. How long is your husbands contract?

  20. Wow! China! That is great. You know, I’m living also in another country, I moved from Finland to France 2.5 years ago. So exciting to read the stories from CHINA!

    Sini, http://www.bonsbaisersdefrance.blogspot.com

  21. Liz how exciting! Glad you guys made it safe and sound! Can’t wait to see all the fun projects you have in store!

  22. Wow China! That is a surprise, I can’t wait to see what kinds of goodies your going to sew and teach us! I’m so psyched! : )


  23. wow! My sister in law just went to China last week!! I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

  24. I was going to ask a while ago if your surprise was the move to china like you had told me before, but I didn’t want to spill the beans for ya. Good luck with everything!! :)

  25. sweet!

  26. wowww is exciting, is hard to have a big change like thgis but is so woderful to go to the oder part of the world trust me I know wht I’m saying:-)
    I’m sure you will find amazing fabrics there!!

  27. Eeeeeeeeeeeeh! How exciting!

  28. holy cow! when i knew you were moving i was thinking somewhere in the states. and then bam! you surprise us with this china move!

  29. wow! so cool! :)


  30. Brilliant, can’t wait to hear more about Shanghai and see your projects unfold!

  31. I”m totally jealous! I spent a few months in China and LOVED it! You will love the fashion of the chinese women. It is totally different- I have a feeling you’ll find lots of inspiration. Plus everything is so cheap- if you are like me you’ll come back with a whole new wardrobe! Enjoy the adventure (and congrats making it through that flight… it is GRUELING!)

  32. That is amazing! I have always wanted to live in either China or Japan. Just think of all the amazing fabrics you will have access to now- all the fun prints! Can’t wait to see what you’re up to.

  33. Congratulations on the move! I’m looking forward to seeing all the great things you create

  34. Congratulations! Living in ANY “foreign” country for no matter how short a time is always an amazing experience. (That’s how I met my husband 😉 I can’t wait to see the projects this move inspires, and hopefully tons of pictures! Good Luck!

  35. wow, absoultely amazing! i love all of these photos!


  36. Oh my, so exciting! Please make sure to share this experience with us! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us readers. :)

  37. I would love to be a pen pal! Let me know if you are up for it! WE have a lot of changes in our lives too!

    Hope your adjusting!

  38. My husband & I moved to the middle east for his work and while it a bit crazy over there, the best decision we’ve made as a couple to date. It was great for our lives, for our marriage, for our careers, our finances.

    Enjoy the time you have there & embrace the culture.

    Good Luck!!

  39. That’s amazing! You said Big surprise….This is ginormous! Oh the fabrics…you’re gonna love it. Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts! Thanks for being so awesome.


  40. Wow, that sounds super exciting! I’m always so afraid of such big changes so i avoid any kind of change -.-

  41. Good luck! I hope the culture difference isn’t too crazy to deal with!

  42. So so fun! I hope you have a great time there!
    Eugenia :)

  43. You are very brave. Your family will grow closer together.
    Can’t wait to see the new projects.

  44. Oh my goodness! I wasn’t expecting this big of a move!! Good luck moving into your apartment today, hopefully it’s nothing a good cleaning and some pretty curtains can’t fix! :) You’ll have to share some cultural differences during your time there, it’s always so interesting to hear about rituals and routines from another country.

  45. From the looks of all these comments you got it sounds like you’ll have plenty of pen pals but I want to skype with you…Evie needs to see her cousin Beck and it’s just been too long since we’ve chatted. The area you are living in looks beautiful, I want to see pictures of the apartment! Keep posting girl!

  46. PS, still so bummed we missed you in Provo

  47. this is so crazy awesome. i’ve been dying to know your big news!

    i can NOT wait to see what projects you sew on in china. and China fabric stores– I can not even imagine. Maybe you can get Japanese fabric cheaper? I love their prints :)

  48. I found your blog just now via another one of your readers and was browsing your tutorials. Love them and thanks! And so excited to discover you at such an exciting time in your life– big move!!

  49. WHOA! What a huge change in scenery! That’s so exciting though, I hope you guys enjoy it there.

  50. How exciting! I loved the Bund when I visited there a handful of years ago, and I have been trying to convince my husband that we need to go there on holiday especially since I served my mission in Taiwan and can actually speak Chinese now.

    There are some GREAT places to buy fabric there. Make sure you never take the asking price especially not in markets (learn your numbers in Chinese or carry a calculator to type in what you want to pay) ‘Tai gui le!’ means ‘too expensive’

    … and enjoy the food!!

    I’m a tad envious :)

  51. Oh, how exciting! I’ve never commented before, but I had to since China holds a very special place in my heart. My husband and I have both been and loved it so very much. I especially loved Shanghai and the Bund, so I hope you’re able to ease into the new culture well. They have some a-MAZING food and it’s just so different!

    We also just moved back from 18 months in South Korea, so I’m super missing the Asian vibe.

    I hope you guys have so much fun AND I love your blog, of course. The fabric stores in China are incredible in a whole different way than American ones (you can haggle!), so I’m oh-so-excited to see what you turn out!

    Hope you love it like we did!

    – Catie

  52. OMG- that was not the surprise I was expecting. Great news and how exciting. A terrific life changing event. Congratulations.

  53. I did NOT see that coming!!! That’s so amazing you’re in China! That’s so cool. And I think 4 months is perfect.. that’s how long I was in Honduras.
    I hope that you guys adjust well and I would love to be your penpal!

  54. What an adventure! How cool! Have fun settling in!

  55. OMG! My favorite craft blogger is in Shanghai! And I’m working on getting my visa to go there to visit my boyfriend this November! WOW WOW WOW I wonder if we could meet? Hmmm
    Please post locations of your lovely finds and fabric shops so I can check them out as well :) This is awesome!


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