+ Make loose pants fitted

weird pose…ehhh I’ll take it :)
 These pants were a size too big and they were low waisted. So, I took in the sides of my waist to fit my natural waist instead of hips, took in the thigh area just a little, and made them longer (tutorial here – if there is no tearing or wearing of the pant on the original bottom, then you don’t have to cut it out, like I didn’t have to here). I paired it with a tee shirt I made (tutorial here).

Thank you mom and dad for buying me stuff in high school that I would never wear then and have, or will refashion and wear now. Think of all the money you wasted on me. I guess it’s paying off now though….anyway…

Why not start your week off with this face? I made it just for you :)
top: self-made   pants: gap taking in    belt: thrifted   necklace: grandma’s  ring: f21


  1. I seriously envy your sewing skills!

  2. Awesome. It’s nice to see that there are other girls who need to lengthen their pants too! Top is cute, on my to do list now. :)

  3. loving the pants! 😀

  4. um- are you kidding me! those look amaaaazing on you. way to go!!

  5. Fab as always!!!!!!! You rock!!

  6. I LOVE the pants! The first tutorial link isn’t working though. It says the page does not exist? o_O

  7. Awesome pants man!!

  8. Love the pants! And oh, how I miss those days when I could make my pants smaller to fit! 😛


    Ana Paula – Pretty in Polka Dots

  9. Very cute!… i was thinking about what the next challenge should be … what if you made a challenge to refashion a men’s piece of clothing into something feminine, I think that would be fun to do!


  10. haha, the pants are great but I really love the face! awesome.

  11. Yep, another winner. Those stripes make me happy !

  12. I tried to follow the link you gave for your pants and it doesn’t work…those are fatabulous!

  13. I am just always in awe after reading your blog… You got talent.

  14. so cute!! i just did the same refashion today! i was so proud of myself haha. they dont look nearly as good as yours though!

  15. dude! I wish I had your skills! Every time I try to use my crappy old sewing machine we fight and then I send it to the closet for a few more months.

  16. I seriously love the shirt, I wish I found the kind of knit someday, so i can make me one.

  17. love your blog! I just discovered. new life for older clothes, it’s fun!congrats

  18. Hey I wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to downsize a pair of my own trousers (pants)


  19. Caitlin says:

    So Im interested in seeing this tutorial but when I click the link it says “page not found” is there a new link?!