+ red flares into skinnies and a square top

I’m so excited for this post! This top is one of my faves!! I found the polyester fabric at DI and instantly fell in love with it and it’s strawberries, watering cans, and flowers. I quickly decided to make it into a flowy top, which I will call a square top. Tutorial coming tomorrow. For today, you will just see a little fix on my flares into skinnies which you can see from this video or picture tutorial
Right before these pictures we spotted deer in our front yard and followed them into a field. Love those creatures and their visits. Beck always says deer over and over hoping they will come hang out. 
top: self-made   pants: thrifted/refashioned   necklace: great grandma’s   ring: swapped   shoes: stevemaden


  1. I’ve been looking for red pants since the beginning of the summer! love yours. I can’t wait for your top tutorial! I have a fabric that I want to turn into a top :)

  2. I love your new blog layout, so adorable! :)

  3. Stunning red pants and floaty top combo luv,nice one !

  4. Just discovered your blog & I have to say it’s pretty interesting. Your tutorials are so useful & perfect to make the most of old clothes. Thanks for sharing 😉

  5. pretty pretty.

  6. Your blog looks so cute! I can’t believe how good you are at sewing! And you look so cute in your clothes. Jealous!

  7. Love the red skinnies. Now I want some.

  8. So cute!! I’m trying to catch up on your posts, I’d better hurry!

  9. I wish I had your skills because I’m ordering mine from Ann Taylor! I could save so much money…

  10. wow, those are quite the deer!! i am always amazed at what you can do with clothes, keep it up, I really enjoy your blog!

  11. love the necklace – aren’t hand-me-down jewellery from loved ones the best? you are so clever – those jeans are fabulous!


  12. DD found cute pair of black jeans for cheap that were a little baggie, and we turned them into skinnies. Thank you so much!

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