+ Slips slips slips!

I’ve been doing lots of these slips lately…sometimes to make things more modest, but mostly because it can really add something to your ensemble. I’ve made black, linen, eyelet, lace, colorful…I think they are so fun. The funny thing is I only sell them, I have yet to make one for myself. Planning on it though. But I thought it would be awesome if I passed on the tutorial for how to make these. 
1. cut 2 square pieces of a lining/slip fabric, like tricot, of 20 inches by 20 inches (this is for an average size girl) or a long retangle that is 40 inches by 20 inches.
2. match the seams and sew them up so you will have a tube.
3. measure elastic tight around you waist, sew it to the tube of fabric by stretching the elastic while zig zag stitching it to the fabric. Then sew the ends together by just straight or satin stitch (tight zig zag stitch)
4. find your trim you want on the bottom. Pin right sides together with the trim’s bottom facing toward the waist line, then straight stitch. You can add whatever layers of lace you want!
5. Iron down. 
When I make another one, I will attach pictures. 


  1. So easy! Love how it gives an extra something to the outfit.

  2. I think I will make one; perhaps I’ll add some length & a touch of elastic or shirring so that I end up with a full slip/boop tube type thing for under dresses… hmmmm…. something to ponder, thank you!

  3. Great outfits :)

    I love the nude pumps !!


  4. You are so creative and innovative. I never know what you’re going to do next- and I love that. Love your work !

  5. Absolutely awesome!
    Love it!


  6. Lovely. X

  7. I LOVE that last dress. Holy gorgeous. What a great idea with the slips!


  8. What an awesome idea! Thanks for posting this, definitely going on my list of things to try :)


  9. Slips put a perfect like-lady touch to the outfit.

  10. i love this idea! I must try it :)

  11. SO happy you posted this. I have been thinking about doing this but had no clue how to start. You are a GENIUS missy!

  12. ohhh i love this. Perfect to make those Forever 21 dresses a little longer. 😀

    oh your blog makes me so happy!

  13. love this. now make me one :)

  14. So cute, Liz. I kind of feel like if I knew how to work a sewing machine, I could do this! And did I mention how CUTE this is?!

  15. this is funny, i just bought a slip today at a thrift store :) planning on making it a bottom layer for a skirt im going to make out of a dress! great minds… 😉

  16. Genius! and so easy too.


  17. Very cute as always! Do you have an etsy store?

  18. Wow, you are super crafty. I wish I was a tiny bit talented in the sewing department.


  19. very creative! i like your nude pumps!


  20. Lyn Sevin says:

    Love your modest posts. Wish I look so good in my refashions!

  21. Lyn Sevin says:

    Thank you for your wonderful ideas.

  22. Great info. Lucky me I recently found your blog by chance (stumbleupon). I have bookmarked it for later!