+ The giveaway winner and an awesome carnival

The giveaway winner came over to my house yesterday (luckily she lived in Provo!) and we got crackin’ on her striped knit midi pencil skirt. And it only took 20 minutes to make…quickest  and most comfortable skirt ever! Doesn’t she look darling?! If you want to make this yourself, the tutorial is here.
Last night beck and I went to my mother-in-law’s stake carnival and it was seriously the best stake activity I’ve ever been to. It was insane. There was pony riding, a little petting zoo, bounce house heaven, a hot air ballon (CRAZY right!), delicious treats like snow cones and cotton candy, a rock climbing wall, tons of awesome old cars (including one of my favs, a 1969 camera ss – I’m a bit of a car nerd), minute to win it competitions, dunking tank, and the best part…my in-laws! It was nice to see them, I’m going to miss them so very very much. by the way, Beck has the BEST cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles ever…seriously. They are so sweet, and they play with him and make him feel loved (ok cheesy I know), I just wish Beck knew how lucky he is.  Anyway, The time has come…tomorrow morning I’m flying away to a very different and new place. Now that it is actually official I will spill the beans tomorrow. I was just worried that something was going to fall through.


  1. For real?? That’s the coolest stake activity everrr. It would be so fun to try a minute to win it competition

    I know what SHE’S wearing to church today :)

  2. Sometimes i miss living in UT

  3. AHH! So cute! I live in Provo,tooo,if you ever are bored and want to make an extra skirt,well…. let me know (;


  4. Awesome pics as usual and thanx for the tutorial! I love the skirt! Your great!


  5. kinda obsessed with stripes. yes. definitely.

    love this!

    So glad I found your blog! Come check out mine, send your curvy readers my way :)

    Jessica Kane – Plus Size Fashion Expert


  6. very cute! i love the tutorial!


  7. Cute! Thanks for the tutorial (and all your tutorials). I just moved to Provo with my husband from Arizona, so I am pretty new to everything here. Where did you usually buy fabric while you were here? Recommendations? Thanks!!!