I bought this top at the beginning of the summer and LOVE it, it was a bit oversized and had a huge stain on the sleeve. So, I took it in on the sides and bottom, then chopped the sleeves, and added two shoulder strapped to make the sleeves ruche a little. Tutorial on how to add shoulder straps here and how take it in and shorten it here. I’m wearing Jeffery Campbell shoes, 7 jeggings, thrifted/refashioned top and belt.

We visited the Yu Yuan Garden today and Bazaar and it was AWESOME! There were venders as far as the eye could see in very traditional and beautiful Chinese buildings. Now, due to somehow leaving my sunglasses somewhere (hoping they are not lost), I needed a new pair quick!  And I found out today that my haggling skills are superb compared to how they were in Thailand where me and my 7 month pregnant belly would crumble and crash under pressure. But here I was quality. They said $55 for a cheap pair of knock-off sunglasses and I got it for $8. I was pretty impressed with myself. I’m sure someone out there could have done a better job. 

So the actual Garden itself was quite gardenless and more stone/building-y. Some architect from back in the 1500s imported jagged looking stone and built this little stoney area with stairs and caves, and little wooden carved buildings with hanging lanterns were also incorporated into it. It was beautiful. Beck loved running around into these little nooks and across bridges. He loved staring at the HUGE shiny orange fish and in the murky green water. 

So, there was a tiny fabric store that only had sheers, silks, dance/swim spandex, and velvets which wasn’t exactly what I was looking for…better luck next time. I have to check out the fabric mall sometime, not sure where it is and when I will go, but I do know I will be going without Beck…I’m going to be quite overwhelmed! 
I had a hard time believing that there were a ton of little shops in this amazing architecture. Coolest looking place to SHOP ever!
Side view of the top’s sleeve…stain GONE!
When he saw me pose, he wanted to pose, so he said to Danny…me, me…and posed by a wall. So stinkin’ cute.
 Too bad Beck wasn’t awake to see all the awesome toys
 The little hole in the wall fabric store, it was extremely cheap, but very limited. Loved this lady though, she had no idea what I was saying.


  1. Love the shirt! and love the picture with all of the fish!!

  2. All your pictures are beautiful. I love seeing your faw-away adventures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great shirt, and very stinking cute little guy =) Enjoying your adventures, keep blogging!

  4. Oh my gosh, so cool!!! These pictures are amazing.

  5. amazing.
    also, i STILL can’t believe you’re in china.

  6. Cute photos!
    Would lovee to go to China one day.

  7. I LOVE what you did with the shirt and these photos are amazing! Must be so exciting to be immersed into another culture :)

  8. I really like what you did with the shirt. $55 to $8? I think I would be a timid haggler and end up paying way too much!

    The Suburb Experiment

  9. Interesting how chinese gardens usually consist of very few plants and many rocks, water and architecture. its because for them each thing represents something spiritually, and they want them to be represented equally.

  10. I am loving your Chinese story. I am adoring your wonderful photos. I am so keen on your words and adventures…golly your blog is ace !

  11. Wow you are so talented and also your pictures are lovely! China looks beautiful!


  12. Hi! I am so excited for you! I’ve been trying to persuade my hubby to let us have a few adventures but he’s kinda a “comfort zone” guy. 😉
    I found your blog a couple days ago, and I’m not exaggerating a bit when I say that I stayed up until 2am reading every…last…page. I’m a maniac! I live in SLC, have a 2 year old daughter, and luuuuurve thrifting! It would be super cool if we could be pen pals. :)

  13. Hi! I found your blog a few days ago and have been reading ever since! You’ve inspired me to start refashioning… as a matter of fact, I’m hitting thrift stores this weekend and pulling out my trusty sewing machine. =)
    ps – I LOVE that navy skirt you did a while back!

  14. I love your blog so much. These pictures are fabulous. And I love your blouse so much! Great idea just shortening the sleeves and adding the button tab. Now I should be off to find some thrift gold soon…

    I just sent a blogger award your way. :) I read your blog all the time and think it’s fabulous.

    I Can Be Many Things

  15. How wonderful! You are so creative and so beautiful :) Love the outfit too. My friend sent me to your blog when she found out we’re moving to Shanghai in a month! :) So excited to go, but so scared at the same time. My husband visited the yu yuan gardens last time he was in shanghai and he had a lot of fun there. I love that you’re there and I’ll follow your blog closely to learn more about Shanghai as well :)

  16. I just found your blog. The funny thing is I know that Chinese woman. You were at Yu Garden. Did you pick up any of the jewelry there? Across the street there is some great shops with all types of finds. I would love to know what fabric market you went to. I live in Shanghai and I’m always looking for places to quench my DIY appetite. Thanks!