+ Beck’s 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday was Beck’s Birthday and we decided to do ALL of his favorite things! That involved going down turtle ally (that is what we call it), checking out all the tiny animals, going on some carnival rides and eating pizza and spaghetti. Well, we didn’t know whether or not he liked those, but we found he did..almost. The really, we thought, harmless boat ride was a whole different story for him. Look at the terror on his face! Poor guy. To end the day, we bought literally the most delicious gummy candies ever and watched a very edited (we fast forward-ed through the scary parts) Jurassic Park…he just really wanted to watch something with dinosaurs. 

Today, I’m off to buy fabric!!!!!! We are visiting the Yu Yuan Gardens and I hear that there is a place there to find fabric. So I’m VERY excited if you can’t tell. I have a million projects I’ve been planning on doing! FINALLY! 

top and ring: f21    dress: Ruche     


  1. happy delated birthday to the little man :)
    looks like you had a lot of fun :)

    xo lala

  2. Cute! Love your dress too

  3. Haha, look at his face in that last photo! Poor guy! Haha! I bet he had a fun day over all. So great!

    I love your skirt in the first photo! It is so gorgeous!

    I’m looking forward to see what your fall projects will be! I recently bought a sewing machine at a garage sale for 20$ and I haven’t touched it because I have no idea how to sew. Where did you learn? Do you have any tutorials I can watch?

    I Can Be Many Things

  4. Happy b-day little guy! Sounds like you had a blast! Love that dress you’re wearing…such a fun print.

  5. happy birthday beck!
    i hope he had an amazing birthday!
    the pictures are really cute ..
    the one with the turtles is adorable!

    i would love for you to follow me <3

  6. Lovely pictures, Have fun fabric shopping! I love doing that! Hope China is amazing!


  7. Ok, so I found your blog about 3 months ago when my husband and I were in Shanghai. We also were there for work. Seeing all of your pictures makes me jealous, I miss China. I never thought I would say that but really, it was a great experience! Make sure you try out the underground market, and you will go crazy at the fabric market in Huangpu! And you HAVE to go to the Bellagio(best food), its only a couple blocks away from the ritz carlton on nanjing, I noticed you had taken some pictures outside of it. Good luck, I hope you and your family have a great time in Shanghai!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your son. He’s so cute.

  9. Beck looks so grown up. Lovely pictures as always :) May I please make a comment on your patterned frock too ? Yummy !

  10. Your son is ADORABLE! I just found your blog through a friend of mine and through Clothed Much. I love your style. Especially your maxi skirt {dress?} in this post! Happy birthday to your stylish little man!