+ Easy inside out french braid

I love this braid! I wear it all the time at home when my hair is at the bun stage if you know what I mean. It is 100% inspired by my two little nieces Kate and Gwen, who’s mom Diana sticks their hair into some awesome creative braids. 

How to do it: Make a side part, on the side with more hair start the french braid by the forehead and by the part. But intend of doing a typically french braid, do it inside out…you do this by braiding under instead of over. Try to keep it close to your face as you inside out french braid….keep pulling hair to add to your braid from where the braid currently is (ie when you get to the back of the head you should be pulling hair into your braid from the back of you head). When you get barely get past middle of the back of your neck with your braid, start taking in pieces from the front of the unbraided side. By here you may want to re-adjust your hands and because it will be easier to braid on the other side. Then finish your braid! Done! I had that braid in ALL day and it looked good till the bitter end. It is a great out of your face braid.

One of the first things we noticed when we drove into Shanghai from the airport was the intense amount of streets….in the air. There are TONS flouting around above our heads all the time. And a lot of the time, there are pedestrian streets above the streets as well. It is pretty cool what people can make these days huh!? Also, I’ve noticed there are random awesome shopping areas in the most random areas, like this one with the white tiled street. We were walking in a shanty part of town then bamb…..shopping. There is seriously shopping every block. Shanghai should be shophai…ok bad pun but it had to be said.


  1. i love this braid as well! unfortunately it’s the only kind i can do :(

  2. love the braid!

    also. streets in the sky? i can’t even picture that. i don’t know if i could handle shop-hai. crowded cities are little overwhelming for me.

  3. so awesome!

    thanks for sharing.

    loving all of your photos from China…can’t believe you live there now!!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures…we need them because we all miss you SOOO much! xoxo

  5. Ooooh… I love how long and full your hair is!

    And I love your blouse!

    Pretty stuff.


    Ana Paula

  6. That braid looks good! Your hair is so long and full that is suites perfectly.

  7. great idea
    ill definitely try it out

    Beck looks so happy in that picture!


  8. I love the braid. :] And those streets in the air are so cool!

  9. so cute! I am going to try that. Looks like you guys are having fun exploring your new home. :)

  10. Asain countries in general have the best selectiong of clothing an beauty products! In the philippines I always have a shopping spree whenever I visit because cute and cheap is all i see :]

  11. Wow, your hair looks fantastic.

  12. Oooh thanx for the hair tutorial. I’m always looking for anything to do to my hair. Thanx