+ Golightly Jewelry Earring Giveaway!

Hey friends, you can head on over and read my guest post over at Golightly Jewelry here because I’m their blogger of the month (awesome right?)…..and/or enter for an awesome giveaway from them right here, right now!! YES!
To enter its easy, all you have to do is check out the Golightly Jewelry shop and leave a comment below telling me what you think! For bonus entries, just spread the news anyway you like (facebook, twitter, etc.)
Now…what to choose what to choose. That will be the hard part!
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  1. Wow, such beautiful pieces!

  2. So beautiful. I love the simple elegance of the collections.

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  5. wow, all their pieces are simple and gorgeous! I love all of them!

    and congrats on being blogger of the month!

  6. They have some great pieces. Congrats on being blogger of the month!

  7. I absolutely love the Taylor necklace!

  8. LOVE!!! If I could, I would order an Audrey necklace & Tara earrings in pink to represent my 2 beautiful baby girls. These pieces are so simple, fresh & versatile! Thank you for sharing & congrats on the honor – you deserve it!!

  9. oh my goodness, the venezia carianna necklace is so beautiful. thanks for the giveaway!



  10. Very pretty and unique!! suspyle@hotmail.com

  11. I love the simplistic look of their jewelry, and I really love the blue/turquoise colors of the Victoria collection… also the purple and yellow in the Berlin collection. So cute.

  12. Oh love the taylor necklace!

  13. I love it ALL! It would be so much fun to choose! Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. I REALLY love The Taylor Necklace. That purple is SO pretty.

  15. Love the The Kate Necklace!

  16. The Kate Necklace is tops! And congrats on being blogger of the month.

  17. Love the Audrey in purple!

  18. all her things are beautiful! i really like the The Taylor Necklace—just gorgeous!
    thanks for the giveaway!


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  20. I LOVE the Berlin Taylor purple necklace!

  21. I love the bold colors of the Berlin collection! Especially the audrey necklace in purple.

  22. gorgeous. I fell in love with the simple style of the one you’re wearing!

  23. oh my gosh i LOVE it all! love the lymphoma awareness necklace, love the berlin tara earrings…seriously though love it all.

  24. beautiful! i loooove the audrey necklace in blue.

  25. So pretty!!

  26. Sooo pretty, the Audrey necklaces are all so simple and gorgeous.

  27. Its gorgeous!

  28. The designs are so simple yet so elegant. I was just thinking the other day how I wanted a necklace with just one stone on it, pretty much like what they sell.

  29. I really love the pyrite pieces in the Berlin collection. Beautiful and simple!

  30. Very pretty!

  31. LOVE the venezia line!

  32. The Lymphoma Awareness necklace is my favorite and I love that some of the money goes to a great cause.

  33. Oh, I lOVE The Kate Necklace! :)
    Hope I win :)


  34. I love the turquoise and sea green necklaces and earings in the victoria collection. Her pieces are all really lovely.

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  36. love the berlin collection!

  37. I LOVE how simple her gem drop necklaces are. so sweet. I want one!

  38. The Gwen bracelet. So pretty and delicate!

  39. Beautiful pieces!

  40. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  41. Love love love the Taylor necklace!

  42. My favorite piece is the Awareness necklace. Not only is it beautiful, but its helping out a good cause. I work in a lab that helps people recieve bone marrow transplants, and to see other people helping in other ways is always a wonderful thing!

  43. i love the awareness necklace

  44. I love the Hayley Earrings. The roughness of the pyrite makes them interesting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. All of her necklaces are so beautiful! I love the awareness necklace. :)

  46. I’ve had my eye on a piece from golightly jewellery for some time… I love their simple necklaces – they’re absolutely beautiful!

  47. I shared this on facebook!

  48. Such beautiful jewelry! Modern, elegant and classy…for the Audrey in all of us. (Oh! How I love the Taylor necklace! Simply stunning.)

  49. oh my, what pretty jewelry! i love their simple necklaces like the one you were wearing. so pretty :)

  50. I think my favorite thing about their jewelry is the simplicity of it. It’s really so beautiful when something so simple can say so much. :)

  51. Ooh so pretty! I loved your cute post on their blog! I would probably pick the Audrey necklace, it’s such a gorgeous purple!

  52. The Kate necklace is my favorite!

  53. Very pretty! I love the Kate necklace and the Tara Earrings.

  54. the yellow earrings on the Berlin collection. love them!

  55. love this. looks so delicate, like teardrops

  56. I like the Victoria collection — and I love your blog!

  57. oh i love the necklace you are wearing!

  58. I Love, Love, LOVE the Audrey Necklace!

  59. I am a lover of simplicity! I love all the different gems!

  60. I love the simplicity and that they do custom work. Maybe one freshwater pearl on a strand as a wedding day necklace?

  61. wow so lovely!! love it all!

  62. I love the color of The Tara Earrings!
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  63. Oooh, lovely stuff! I just found your blog, and them through you, and I am having pretty things overload, heehee!


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  65. hmmm, definately love the custom creations.

  66. oh, those alexandra earrings. be still my heart.

  67. Really liked the Gwen bracelet!

  68. Everything looks so beautiful!! So clean and classy!!

  69. Very pretty. Thank you!


  70. love this shop! the name & the collections are beautiful. thanks for sharing! xo

  71. what a cute shop! i also love the taylor necklace, it’s beautiful! thanks for the giveaway!

  72. So beautiful! What a great give away :)

  73. i want it, pick me please lol :]

  74. I love the simplicity of the pieces. The audrey necklaces are my favorite! thanks for another great giveaway :)

  75. i love these so much. they are beautiful and simple. just enough to wear with anything. and they love you!!

  76. That necklace is beautiful! I also love the Berlin Taylor Necklace in Purple.

  77. I love all of their pieces! They are simple and gorgeous! My favorite is the Kate Necklace from the Berlin collection.

  78. The Berlin collection is stunning! I love it. also shared on Twitter (bikeskirt) and Facebook (elisa munoz). LOVE it!

  79. I Love the Audrey Necklace. How fitting it is named Audrey, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Breakfast at Tiffanys in she is Holly Golightly!

  80. Love the Alexandra earrings in the victoria collection, they are stunning!

  81. I just adore the Kate Necklace! So simple and beautiful!

  82. Love the Taylor necklace & the Kate!! Oh.. and the Gwen. Everything is just so gorgeous!!

  83. I love love love the “awareness” necklace! So simple and beautiful for such a wonderful cause.

  84. I adore the Tara earrings, but I’m having a rather hard time choosing.

    Good luck to everyone, and love the blog! :)

  85. I love the simplicity and beauty of the collection. I was very drawn to the Kate necklace!

  86. I love the Taylor Necklace from the Berlin Collection…Just Beautiful jewelry!

  87. There jewelry is gorgeous! It is so simple. And I love that the name is Golighlty…oh Audrey Hepburn. :] I love the Audrey necklace!

  88. Very pretty, delicate, and feminine. Love it!

  89. Love the taylor necklace! It’s stunning!

  90. Anything would be great! I love their style. xo

  91. You choose a necklace for me. Just make it something long and fun! xo

  92. Simple and elegant!

  93. Very pretty. I like the Victoria collection the best.

  94. I love the Tara earrings! Such simple eye-catching designs :)

  95. I love the necklace you are wearing. Also the red one.

  96. I love how this jewelry is so simple and unique! Berlin collection is really beautiful! Great giveaway!

  97. Congrats on being the blogger of the month! I love how simple and elegant the pieces are, but I’m particularly drawn to the pink pendant necklace in the Berlin collection. Maybe it’s because October or because I’m running the Race for the Cure, but I’m feeling that.

  98. http://www.golightlyjewellery.com/Golightly_Jewellery/Berlin-Audrey-Necklace-Purple.html

    I totally love that necklace.
    The color is so beautiful!
    It reminds me of geodes.
    <3 Ashlynn.


  99. http://www.golightlyjewellery.com/Golightly_Jewellery/Berlin-Audrey-Necklace-Purple.html

    I totally love that necklace.
    The color is so beautiful!
    It reminds me of geodes.
    <3 Ashlynn.


  100. tan tan lindos todos!! so so cute all of them.muy dificil elegir solo uno! so hard chose one…victoria audrey necklace turquoice…lularosano(arroba)hotmail(punto)com

  101. I love the The Hayley Earrings. They would make me feel so beautiful, especially with my newly short hair!
    skklemm at gmail dot com