+ Ice Cream and Fabric

Yes, some of the BEST things coupled together in one day!? how did I handle it?! Seriously, this place was kind of awesome with it’s 3 stories of silks, linens, cottons, silk/cotton blends, and more. I almost bought teal colored linen for some curtains because believe me, this apartment I’m living in needs some major sprucing up. The only downside to this holy fabric mall was how it was surprisingly pricey. I thought I was going to get awesome deals with my fabric. When I haggled them down it would still be around $5 a yard. So, I’m going to try this other place that people say is a bit more sketchy, but way cheaper. I did buy some dark dusty blue polka dots…making the skirt as we speak…tutorial to come. 
This is me teaching beck how to lick an ice cream cone, it was quite the challenge. He stuck out his tongue as much as possible and would still manage to get it all over his face. 

 The best ice cream in the world…Dairy Queen.


  1. Love in a fabric store and in a cone. What could be more perfect? Oh…I know…coming home in December. I can’t wait. But until then, thanks for the pictures! Love you lots and lots! xoxo

  2. You are adorable! And do you know where to get cheap fabric in the states? I need to find out all the fabric buying secrets! Also I can’t get over how adorable your son is! Oh, and I love your outfit. It’s so cute and looks quite comfy!

  3. oh my gosh. buy me some fabric!!!! i’m seeing a pattern that would be so cute for my kitchen curtains. i will pay you back, yes yes!? love, aes.

  4. DQ IS the BEST ice cream in the world…. and thats a fact!

  5. Wow what a great store we have nothing like that in england im a new followed i saw a link to a post of yours on remodleaholic. you make gorgeous things xxx aimeemakeshomemade.blogspot.com

  6. Wow! Look at all that fabric <3. When I was younger I'd go fabric shopping with my grandmother at the sketchiest places & we would leave with sooo much- I know it wasn't too expensive either because she was a thrifty lady. I've been looking high & low for fabric that isn't expensive. I hope the sketchy/cheap place works out for you!

    Twirling in Glitter

  7. If u get a chance to spend a weekend at Hong Kong, there is a fabric market at Sham Sui Po. I went there 2 years back and absolutely had the time of my life there. Great retro prints, all sorts of fabric, even rummaging thru the bargain bins for the remnants were fun! I’ve been to fabric markets in Thailand and Singapore, but seriously nothing beats the price for the vast choice in Sham Sui Po. My mom has been to the one in Shanghai and she agrees, the prices weren’t that cheap. Perhaps in other states in China like Shenzhen there are fabric markets with better bargains :)