+ Road trip!

The second we got to the room Beck explored the crap out of it.

Look how cool this little foresty area is?!
 Right before this picture he had his arms folded and was saying the prayer to bless the food…silly boy.
 This crab was actually pretty yummy, but the other stuff….not something I would choose, but it looked scrumptious to the others. Just wait till I post the other food pictures.

Last  weekend I road tripped it with my 2 babes (baby and ya know… my babe) and it was quite the culture shock! But it was sooooo fun. We took the drive up in a nice spacious van with a Danny’s co-worker, boss, and boss’ boss, as well as the Crooks (who are senior missionaries, but not really because missionaries can’t serve in China so they are basically “LDS charity workers”..so it’s complicated), and last the two adorable hosts, who were also high officials, who hooked us up with everything (they basically were hosting everything to show gratitude to the Crook’s and the LDS donations). 
Anyway, we went to this huge place called Chongming Forest where we stayed as VIP (We weren’t the VIP, but luckily we were guilty by association) at a fancy resort situated in the middle of tall groomed forest. The forest had lots of footpaths, bridges, ponds, and canals that seem never end. I will say, this made me miss Gualala CA and it’s redwoods with the awesome family memories there… this in return made me miss family….which made me homesick. But I was often distracted because this trip was NONstop. Literally one thing after another after another. So, get ready for a lot of posts about it.
First and foremost we were welcomed by a very traditional Chinese brunch and later dinner that included 25 courses and fruit for dessert. You would think I was stuffed after the first 3, but no…I skipped many because they were, hmmmm how could I put this, not something I would ever eat….ever in my lifetime, unless I was Chinese. I did try to taste a lot but not all 25. Let me tell you a few….turtle with shell included, crab with bacon (that was actually tasty, pictured below), duck tongue (pictured below), pig tongue (pictured below) with actually tasted like turkey, lots of funky veggies I have never seen before, Duck skin rice wraps (also very tasty and crunchy), a fish fried whole, and basically, lots of foreign strange meats with funky textures, yet tasted so delicious. I will say, all 3 of our stomachs/intestines are now suffering, but worth the new Chinese experience. 
All in all, we ate like royalty, chinese royalty. 


  1. Truly a magical place. Your pictures and posts make it (almost) allright that you are so very far away. How in the world did Beck manage to stay seated during such a long meal? Or did he? Missing you! xo

  2. I hope you are finding things to eat…that crab doesn’t look too tasty, but I’ll take your word on it. Super cute pic of your boys…such an adorable family!

  3. What a gorgeous place!!!

    i love the pictures
    and the landscape
    what a beautiful place!

    i would love to go to China one day
    it must be so beautiful <3

    i am glad you had a great time with
    your family .. can’t wait to see more pics!

    have a great monday!


  5. I LOVE roadtrips! What a cute family! Also, I’m awarding you with the “Tell Me About Yourself” award! Check out this post for more info here

    xo Sherri

  6. Wow! That looks like a ton of fun! I’m so picky about food that I don’t know if I could handle all the cuisine you did! :)

  7. What a fun weekend! And a 25 course dinner?! That’s crazy! And I probably would have tried so little of it. I don’t even like seafood. Haha. But Beck is adorable and your trip sounds like a success! I can’t wait to hear more about it! :]

  8. It looks so beautiful! Looks like an amazing weekend! Can’t wait for the tutorials!


  9. What a beautiful place! Sorry to hear that you’re feeling homesick, that’s never an easy thing to go through. Glad you’re having fun in the meantime though. I’m super excited to see your new tuturials! Praying for you and your family while you’re away!

  10. It seems such an interesting trip, I love to read your adventures knowing another culture.

  11. you are fantastic family!

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