+ a little bummed out

First off, I’m just going to say that I’m sorry if I have been lacking in the refashion department, or even the sewing department in that matter. Oh do I MISS thrift stores and refashioning. Danny and I wondered around the city for 2 hours today looking for cheap shops and thrift stores and nothing. The cheapest stuff were towels. Not ready to sport one of those around. So, I’m must letting you guys know, that when i get back home, I will go back to normal and refashion like a maniac. I’m so excited for that.

We rarely go out past 7 or 8, which is funny because the best time to venture out in Shanghai is night due to everything being lit up…buildings, museums, malls, the opera house, and in this case, the fountains. This fountain is SO awesome. Beck and I were in love with the colorful floor lights, the water works, and loud classic music that accompanied it. I kept jumping in and out of the fountain, but I immediately got yelled at. Pshhh. This fountain was meant to be played in! The pretty building with the curved roof is the pretty opera house which is across the street from the fountain, which also happens to be 2 blocks from my apartment! 


  1. you know why china has no thrift stores? the chinese honor their ancesters A LOT so wearing “dead people”‘s clothes would be something like disturbing the dead. i’m chinese-american and the first time i went to a thrift store and told my mom about the purchase, she told me to never shop there again. i was bummed, because now i could never tell her the awesome things i would find at thrift stores when i go without telling her. ):

  2. ^^^ thats really interesting ^^^ (why China has no thrift stores) Your blog readers don’t mind, we love your sewing and refashions, but equally your adventures in China!

  3. Beautiful! Love the fountain as well, I can’t imagine how pretty it is in person. Enjoy it all while your there!


  4. Hey, we could always send you thrifted items to refashion. I’m always seeing cute things that need some tlc…or a lot of it, and I’m not that handy in the sewing department.

  5. How beautiful the nightlife in China is. I love the old mixed with the gleeming modern! Yeah!