+ Guest post and TONS of fabric!

So..I know I have been lacking on the sewing this week, but this weekend danny promised me that we will be buying tons of fabric (we have to travel quite the distance to get there) so I’m very excited and I have a million ideas! Next week plan on some tutorials!! YAY!! 
But until then you can check out a guest post I did on my fall favorites on a cute blog called Etta Grace.


  1. i love the floppy hat and poncho in the third picture.

  2. The middle shot is my favorite! Please tell me that you are doing something with faux fur!!!

    xo Teresa
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  3. I absolutely love your tutorials! Looking forward to it :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  4. Love the ponchos! So classic. What I like best is that you can be anysize, even a growing future mommy, and wear them! Great taste, as usual. xo