+ Lake Tour and Old China

We ventured out of Shanghai toward the a little river where we took a cruise boat tour, fed the fishes and walked around the surrounding greenery. I adopted the Chinese manner of using an umbrella for shade, I felt so cultured! A little car ride away from the river we visited one of the oldest, preserved chinese towns around that only had 750-ish inhabitants. We wondered around this little town and check out the lifestyles of inhabitants and the preserved wooden machines and techniques from way back in the China’s day (I say this because I don’t remember when, but I know it was way back). We saw how they gathered water with hand cranks, what they slept in, how they made fabric and their own clothes, how they cooked, how they collected salt, washed clothes in barrels as tall as me, it was so awesome to see these old homes and lifestyles. Made me really appreciate electricity, could not live with out it. We ended the day with a million course dinner, and yes there were many crazy dishes, including pig’s tongue. bleh.  
My handsome boys.
The primitive baby bumbo to the left, we stuck Beck in it and he hated it of course. They said there is usually one of those in the kitchen so the mom is hands free to cook. Those are the woks on the right built straight into the concrete.
SO COOL how they made fabric, it looked so complicated.
Walking toward where they plant their food.
yummmmm, pig’s tongue.


  1. Such a cute bag and top, where did you find them?