+ Who knew pioneers could be so hip?

Thank you Lauren Moffatt for channeling some of my ancestor’s fashion! Because I love it!!! 
Want to know how I would refashion a skirt/dress into that coral dress? Well, freezer-paper! Cut out some sweet arrows into some freezer-paper, iron it onto a solid colored skirt, spread some fabric paint over the cut out arrows of the freezer-paper, let dry, pull off the freezer paper and voila! Pioneer arrow skirt or dress. 
ps…it is my (and my husband’s) wedding anniversary today…4 years and going strong baby! I’ll fill you in on our adventures later.


  1. Wow. I love this style! And I’m going to try the freezer paper trick! :] Also, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  2. We used to call that stenciling. I have books of the patterns. It can be done on anything from mirrors, towels, clothing, paper, walls, furniture, etc. It’s cheap, cheap, cheap and extremely fun. (Remember your Grandma Dickson’s bathroom? Hmm?) Thanks for the reminder! Love! xoxo

  3. Happy anniversary!!

  4. very cute! I loooooooooooove freezer paper. I made a stuffed music note for my daughter using freezer paper as the pattern and leaving it attached to my fabric and using the edge as a stitching guide, I eliminated the transfer of the pattern by hand, pen or transfer paper. It also works great for stitching straight lines for quilting. Congrats on your Anniversary and hope that you have many more.

  5. Ok, I don’t really get the freezer paper thing and I really want to try it. You should make a tutorial for people like me who need pictures. If there aren’t step by step pictures of how to do something, I usually won’t make it. I’m lame and don’t have an imagination.

  6. congratulations sweety!
    i hope you guys celebrate it big time
    and enjoy each other =)

    can’t wait to hear your plans and see pictureS!

    fly with me ❤

  7. Picture number two really floats my boat, especially those shoes.

  8. I freakin love all those clothes! Thanks for introducing me to this new designer!!


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