+ A winner and another giveaway!! Woot woot!

Now closed :)
YAY! Another giveaway and I’m VERY excited about this one!! Why you ask…well, all these shops can be found in the upcoming Bijou Market, which happens to be one of my most favorite events EVER! And its in the little town of Provo (and Salt Lake now too!)! I went last time….Twice, both days! Ya, I couldn’t get enough of it. Not only will you walk away with bags full of amazingly handcrafted things and but a zillion ideas. Imagine all the Christmas gifts…mmmm. The Bijou Market is a MUST see. In fact, I’m going to try my hardest to be there myself, this weekend! Yep, I’m coming back into Provo this saturday, just in time to sneak on over there jet lag and all.
Luckily for me, Emily, one of the awesome peeps in charge of the event, is giving 2 of you the chance to win something from some of the shops that will be there this weekend. You guys are stinkin’ lucky!!
$45 “I love this town” poster by Annilygreen

$38 Mini arrow set by Verla Ivans

Sugar Fresh 8×10 of winner’s choice $20 value

How to enter:
Check out the Bijou Market blog and leave a comment below saying what item you would want if you won.
Additional entries (one entry for anything extra you do):
 Link the giveaway on twitter (+1)
Link the giveaway on facebook (+1)
Link the giveaway on your blog (+1)
Become a follower of the Bijou market blog (+1)
Promise that you will attend the Bijou Market weekend (+1)
And how ever else you want to enter!
And the Shabby Apple giveaway winner is Leah! Congrats! Email me within the next 2 days and I’ll get you all set up! cottonandcurls@gmail.com


  1. These all look so great. I really like the “I love this town.” poster. And I really do love my town! :)

  2. That I love this town poster is super cute and I don’t really love this town. But I love some towns. Just not this one. These things are adorable.

  3. From Joplin MO<3 I really do love this town:)

    Sooooo that poster!

  4. The mini arrows are so great! I love unique pieces like that!

  5. I am also now following the Bijou market blog! :)

  6. The “I love this town” poster!

  7. I am loving that I love this town poster! too cute!

  8. I follow the bijou market!

  9. i love “i love this town.” i need it in my life. actually, i’ll take that whole bedroom in my life.

  10. I love the LuLu wrap!

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  12. I love the Sugar Fresh graphics. Super cute!

  13. Shared on Twitter.

  14. Love the “I love this town” graphic.

  15. Love the sugar fresh prints! So cute!

  16. I follow the Bijou Market

  17. I’m 100% positive I’m going to the market this weekend!

  18. I love the home is where the heart is graphic.

  19. I love Sugar Fresh and would love one of her prints.

  20. The mini arrows are adorable!

  21. Too many amazing things to choose favorites!
    Love the me+you US sign from 5th and Hazel and the Lulu wrap by Elle MNOP.

  22. I facebooked the giveaway!

  23. I tweeted the giveaway! @nataliejbean

  24. The numbers poster! And thanks for introducing me to Bijou Market. What a great idea!

  25. I love the polka dot garlands and the baby wrap!

  26. I like the “I Love This Town” poster!

  27. I don’t know if I can pick just one. I would love to get some sort of print or poster for my house!

  28. love the “love this town” poster!!!!

  29. Cute. I love the Bijou Market and all of the talented artists!

  30. I want everything! Especially the poster for my new apartment.

  31. The mini arrow set is so cute.

  32. is everything an acceptable answer?

  33. I also posted the giveaway on my page
    check out my GIVEAWAY column :)


  34. I would love to win the “mini arrow set,” it will match my bow and arrow theme.

  35. I now follow Bijou Market…hope I win :)

  36. I love the “I love this town” poster. Too cute!

  37. The “I love this town” poster is so cute- LOVE! -Steph

  38. i love the “home is where the heart is” 8×10! so cute!

  39. sugar fresh for me pleeeease…

  40. Love the Sail Away with Me print!

    mama3davis at gmail dot com

  41. I love everything Annie Green does. Fingers crossed!

  42. I adore the “I love this town” poster. What a fun idea!

  43. Followed Bijou Market blog!

  44. I love the arrows so much! I have been looking for some to put in my apartment!

    Also, love the blog!

  45. I think the arrows are so fun!

  46. and I follow Bijou Market now.

  47. I totally heart the I Love This Town poster!

  48. And I follow the Bijou Market blog!

  49. And I will be there this weekend!

  50. Linked the giveaway on FB!

  51. Linked the giveaway on my blog! (And I also love China and thought the Great Wall was amazing! So jealous you get to be there!)

  52. http://www.bijoumarket.com/2011/11/made-by-jewels.html
    I would love to win this set of earring!

  53. I would love any of the prints!! another great giveaway!!

  54. i liked the giveaway on twitter! @ahasserd626

  55. i linked to facebook!

  56. i am a follower of the bijou market!

  57. I want some cute hair things from Wendy & Peter.

  58. I am also following the blog

  59. And I am headed over to the show today!

  60. Ok … I just shared this on FB too! Done

  61. I love the sugar fresh pictures!!!

  62. And I would most definitely attend the Bijou Market weekend if I didn’t live in florida

  63. ooooh. love them both. 1st pick would be hte verla arrows.

  64. “I loveD this town” stencils are showing up in SF Bay Area towns. Apparently this street artist loved these towns the way they used to be.