+ Comfy Fitted Knit Top and a Christmas Tree

Lots to talk about today! First, I will say that when I got back from China  I was SO sick of all the clothes I wore there….ALL. They smelled moldy (humidity) and fishy (chinese food), so I needed to rewash everything. Blah. In the meantime, why not take advantage and whip up something new! I actually started this top before I left, but didn’t take it because it wasn’t totally done. It is the EASIEST top ever, along with the loose fitted knit top. Instructions below.
Putting up the christmas tree, bulbs, lights, decor while listening to christmas music, sipping on some hot chocolate – this has always been one of my most favorite times of the year!!! LOVE IT. Nothing will make me feel more at home after 3 months in a very foreign country. Surprisingly, Beck put up most of the bulbs! He loved it.
knit fabric
marking pen or chalk
flexible measuring tape
sewing machine

1. Take a fitted knit top you like and some stretchy knit fabric. Make sure it stretches from left to right, NOT so much up and down. Line it up and cut it out! I made mine curve at the bottom, and extended the sleeves a bit. If you aren’t hemming, skip to #3.
2. You don’t have to hem anything if you don’t want because knit doesn’t really fray, but I wanted it to look more done and bought, hence the hem. Usually, I hem the neckline very last, but in this case I wanted to try something new, and I love how it turned out! You cut the and hem the neckline when it is still in 2 pieces, making it a little easier to round the corners.
3. Sew the two pieces, front and back, together at the sides (from end of sleeve to bottom of top), and the shoulders (top end of sleeves to neckline. Pinning right sides together. You can skip #4 if you like.
4. Hem the bottom under, making sure it is at least 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch wide so it doesn’t roll out as you are wearing it.


  1. love the top Liz, where did you get the fabric?

  2. these photos are so adorable! i love your tree.

  3. very cute top!

  4. Your Christmas tree is very pretty! Love how you refashion your clothe! Inspiring!
    Good luck!


  5. I love it! And your tree is beautiful! I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to be home :)

  6. yay you are home!!! Love the top… I just like to stare at your creations…

  7. Awesome! Great tutorial, looks easy enough! Thanx!


  8. I love all of your tutorials! Especially this one! It is so cute!

  9. Love the lights in black and white..they look shinier than ever x

  10. very cute xmas tree!!



  11. Beautiful… Merry Christmas!


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  13. How simple! Must try!