+ Custom fit your own blazer, baby!

I have wanted to do this to soooooo many of my blazers/jackets at home, I have at least 3 hanging in my to-refashion closet. Due to boredom and curiosity I took the bow boy blazer I refashioned months ago, debowed it, and made it custom fit! AWESOME! It was dang easy and I’m so glad I did it. All I had to do is pair it with my f21 pants, my square top, and little Beck of course.

This is the park that we always play at, just a little bit of greenery among the honking, car filled roads. And a bonus in that park is the european looking museum, hence the perfect place to take pictures. Beck was shockingly easy to pose, he just kept copying everything I was doing. Cutest thing ever.
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  1. I’m SO excited because I was just about to send a blazer away to DI!

  2. Oh I’m excited too… I have some blazer/jackets that are cute, but a little to big (on my shoulders especially), but I’m not sure I can fix them because of the lining.

  3. Can’t wait to see the tutorial!! Love your outfit. That floral print you used for your top is perfect!!

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  5. you look so cute in the picture
    next to the door :)

    love the flower pattern blouse~

    XOXO ♥
    Melina ♥


  6. Great job, it looks fab! Love it!


  7. Cute!! I just bought a blazer in hopes of refashioning it so I can’t wait! That park looks like so much fun!

  8. What a great idea to refashion it! I wish I would know how to do that. Love the way you style yourself, very cute outfits! And I just went thrifting, by the way, found some amazing things. Here you can take a look at my thrift finds- http://www.skinnymoonstick.blogspot.com
    Skinny hugs!

  9. oh i have a blazer I need to make fitted!! i’ve worn it a few times…but refashioning it would be awesome! Yours turned out fantastic. I’m looking forward to the tutorial :)

    and your little man is ADORABLE. i love that he copied your poses 😉

  10. Yay! I adore your style and I actually just got a thrifted blazer/light coat. I love everything but how boxy it fits and was wondering how to make it more fitted :)

  11. Do you have any suggestions on changing the lining inside of a blazer? I have a boring tan blazer that i want to spice up with some leopard print lining.


  12. I’m definitely giving this a try– you’re revamps are such an inspiration!

  13. Hello, I read your blog regularly and I like your ideas and creations! Deeply the DIY of this jacket! Thank you very much to share your creation with us! Myriam

  14. What fabric do you use to make your square tops?

  15. Wow! Love that, I am going to have to try it!


  16. Ohhh, so chic!!!


  17. Loving this Blazer…. very soft and Fem with the curved back! Fabulous outfit…

    Come pop on by Little Miss Mama if you get a chance, Tea is always served hot with Baby and Fashion always at my top priority.

    XO {your newest Fan and Follower}


  18. Your blazer looks great! Such a chic look. I love altering clothes. 😀